Click Case

I'm a big 'getting around to' type person.  Sometimes it takes me a very long time to Get Around To doing the things I want to do but I always intend to do some the future....not now.....but one day.  You know what I mean.

Well, this is a Get Around To type project that I've had on my mental to-do lists for a long time and finally, I have managed to GAT making it.  It's a case for the Addi Click Interchangeable Needles, which I love and adore so, so much.  They are absolutely my favourite thing to use and I try to knit everything on them if I possibly can.  The only thing is the case that comes with them is a huge, unattractive, black, dull, lump of a box.

Which keeps them safe and tidy, I will grant it that but is not, in no way, pretty and I think things really should be pretty if they can.  Plus in this instance, there was no reason why it should be so huge.  Not very portable for the travelling knitter.  So, I decided the situation should be remedied at once and created this...

Nice and compact...


Very small and portable.

I've very happy that my Clicks now have somewhere cozy and cute to live and will be so much easy to carry around and use!

S x


  1. The little case is perfect! You do nice work!!

  2. Oooh crikey, this is fantastic! I may have to consider expanding my interchangeables collection just to warrant the making of a similar case ;) So pretty - well done :)

    Much love,