The future's so bright...

Let me show you what what I have been working on ever since I saw the fantastic Attic24 blog that I mentioned in my last post...

They really brighten up my little garden room ready for Spring don't they?  Hopefully I shall be sitting in there soon.

I've also made this little chap...

He's going to live in my bedroom, underneath another little birdie picture so they can keep each other company.  I'll take a picture of him in place to show you, if we ever get another bright day in this damp and dreary country.

This is why I have to make all of these colourful things you see.  To keep my spirits up during all the grey horrible weather we have.

And finally, as a little homage to the coming Spring and to act as an offering to the weather gods to please give us nice Spring weather, I've also made this cute wreath.

This one I think will live in my 'not yet quite ready' craft room which I'm in the process of creating at the moment.  I'm collecting some pictures so I can show you the transformation.  It's so exciting!

S x