Oooh.... Shiny!

We decided to go on a family shopping jaunt this weekend because it won't be too long before we will go on our holiday and we needed some essentials for the trip.  We also needed to find a birthday present for my sister-in-law and it was while we were supposed to be looking for this that a little something caught our eyes and almost as one, we turned to look at the oh so shiny something!

We were all so taken with it that we decided to buy it then and there, even though we hadn't been even remotely thinking of buying such a thing.  What terrible impulse shopping you may think, and you're probably right.  But, I'm going to unveil it to you and then you can judge for yourselves...

I took it out of it's box yesterday and here it is all swaddled in it's packaging

Nothing much to see yet, so I started to remove the cardboard outer, my excitement growing all the time

Not looking too good yet, but you may be getting a little idea?  There was much more unwrapping to be done, so I set to work, carefully removing a billion little plastic bags

And hundreds and thousands of elastic bands

It was time consuming, but I'm glad they took care to secure it so well.  Here it is all uncovered and ready to go

Not quite in it's full glory yet, but looking a lot more interesting!  Next, I hung it up and gave it pride of place in my hall.  Here, now you can enjoy it in all it's hanging, shiny, colourful loveliness!

Look how pretty!  Isn't it fab?  It's a 'Bohemia Easyfit' and it was love at first sight for me, and as my darling hubby had exactly the same experience at exactly the same time, and The Darling Child seemed very distraught at the thought of leaving it,  it seemed that we had no choice but to buy it.  I think we did the right thing though.  

The best part is, I keep forgetting that we got it and every time I walk into the hall I see it and it makes me smile to see such a lovely thing hanging there - wonderful.

I think I'll leave you with some gratuitous dangley close ups for your viewing pleasure....


S x


  1. Love it so much I have had to go online shopping :) Can't wait for all my elastic bands to arrive! lol