Crafty Endeavours

I'm soo excited!!  You may remember a little while ago, I posted about 'A Room to Come' as a tasty appetiser for this very moment, this reason for my current excitement.  Since that post, I finished the last main outstanding job and a few other pieces have come into place and at last, my craft room is complete!

I know, too many exclamation marks already, but I have to warn you it probably won't stop.  You see I get all worked up and bouncy inside and I feel really rather... exclamish!

The biggest job that I needed to complete were the curtains, which for some reason I put off for a few weeks.  For some reason I wasn't looking forward to making them, I don't know quite why as I had a very simple idea for them and in the end, my fears were unfounded.  I think I was maybe a little tiny bit afraid of my expensive (for me), fancy (for me), new sewing machine.  However, after a little trepidation, I got stuck in and I think they turned out just great.

As you can see, I still haven't made a decent set of tie-backs but I have to leave something for another day, right?

So, in order to appreciate the full glory of the thing and hopefully give you some insight into the reason for my 'can't quite keep still in my seat' excited wigglishness, here's a before shot.

As you can see, not very appealing!  A dull wardrobe, some not very useful space and clutter everywhere.  Something most definitely had to be done.  After a weekend's slog, things looked more like this.

Still not looking very beautiful yet, but at least the new furniture was now in situ and the pleasurable part could begin.  I won't go over it again, as I touched on the subject in the last post but suffice to say, although things took longer than I expected, as they always seem to do, I got there in the end.  So here it is and I'm soooo happy with it.

My lovely, large sewing and crafty table.  Big enough to have my sewing machine out full time - wow!

See the pretty shelves!  See the dainty covered boxes!  See the colourful bead trays!  See the piles of fabric!  Oh my, I could almost sing!!

My cute Cath Kidston nestled tins and hand made baskets.  I love these piles of fabric, which I'm most certainly going to be adding too.  And a most adorable little bird house, which I stumbled upon the other day and thought was perfect.

The colourful beads.  Oh, I love to see all the colours!

I adore my covered boxes.  Wallpaper samples, a nice and easy way to beautify anything.

A place to keep my knitting and crochet books and magazines - much needed!

The spring wreath in pride of place, right next to the desk.

More, yes more, boxes, wrapping paper this time.  Except the top two, which were a last minute, but un-pass-upable Laura Ashley bargin.

So what do you think?  I have absolutely no excuse for not being wonderfully creative now do I?  I'm absolutely loving having it already, it's so delicious to have a home for everything and to know where things are.

I'm looking forward to working in and slowly adding to my own little inner sanctum!

S x


  1. One day I would love a room like that! Everything accessible. What is the brand of that sewing machine?
    Nice job!

  2. Squeeeeel!!! Haha I don't normally say that but your room is A-flipping-mazing! I love it soooooooo so much that I've saved lots of the pics for inspiration (I hope you don't mind!!) It's gorgeous, those pretty boxes, baskets (I'm going to have to try making some of those) oooh it's just delightful :-D Thank you so much for sharing it's just lovely! x x

  3. Beautiful! I think anyone would love crafting in that space!

  4. What a beautiful room, I hope you get to spend many happy hours in there creating magic.

  5. To Penelope:

    I hope you do get your own craft room too one day! The sewing machine is a Janome, I got it from Johl Lewis.

    Sandra x
    (Cherry Heart)

  6. To Nicole:

    Thanks, I'm so pleased that you like it! You're very welcome to save the pictures, it's so nice to hear someone say that they are inspired by something I did. It feels amazing! :)

    S x
    (Cherry Heart)

  7. Just popped over fron Bunny Mummy's and have to say this room is looking glorious.
    Can I ask where the curtain fabric is from? That would be just the thing for my bedroom.

  8. Wow, this room looks like crafters heaven! Really, the colors, the tins, the crochet work... very inspiring environment to get creative. Thank you for giving us a peek!
    Love, Maaike

  9. Just found your blog and reading back through your posts and just had to say that I LOVE your craft room!