Lazy, Lovely Choccy!

On the first on May it was a glorious day here in my little village.  So lovely, that we decided to have a barbecue and eat outside.  I had been given a gift of strawberries earlier in the day and so we decided to also enjoy these lovely fruits outside.  Our first strawberries of the year.  I love 'firsts' don't you?

In that inspired and entirely accidental way that sometimes things rather wonderfully happen, my hubby, Mr G mentioned how nice it would be to have strawberries dipped in chocolate again.  (We last had them absolutely years ago, on holiday in California.  Umm, yummy!)  I agreed that it would, but as we had no chocolate in the house, with the exception of a bit of leftover Nutella in a jar in a cupboard somewhere, it was just a nice idea and we made to take the bowl of strawberries outside.  Then we both stopped and looked at eat other.... Nutella!

And so the idea was born and the delicacy know as 'Lazy Choccy Strawberries' was created and has become, in one sitting, a firm family favourite.  Due to the choccy getting quite stiff in the bottom of the jar, it was felt that it was best to warm it in the microwave for a few seconds to add to drippy, messiness of the whole experience.  A teaspoon is helpful too, for getting the choccy out and on your fruit without covering your whole hand in brown gloop in the process!

That's another 'first' then, my first recipe (in the broadest sense of the word!):

Get a jar of Nutella, comsume half in the manner of your choosing and leave in the back of a cupboard somewhere for say, six months?
Re-find Nutella, nuke in the microwave for 20-30 seconds, until nice and pliable.
Get a teaspoon, some fruit and maybe even some children and enjoy!

I'm off to buy another jar of Nutella, ready for next year!

S x