Monday's Child

Before we get down to the main business of the post, first I'd like to do a little 'bloggy' housekeeping (blogkeeping?) and say welcome to my new followers, nearly 100 of you now and more subscribing by other methods, how very exciting!   Thank you all so much for joining me and also thank you so much to all of you who have been kind enough to comment.  It's a joy to read them all and you have all been so kind, helpful and all round fabulous.  A big mwah to every one of you for making my squishy inside places feel all warm and wonderful!

Now then, on to the other business of the day.  Since I finished my last blanket, I have been working on and finishing up a few smaller projects and have a few of them queueing up, eagerly waiting for their moment in the bloggy limelight.  So I've decided to have 'A Week of Ta-Dahs', so they each have their chance, one project for each day. 

So, first up we have Monday's Child, The Stripy Legwarmers...

These were made at the request of Little Miss herself, who after wearing my green and grey arm warmers around the house on her legs for the day, declared them be the perfect size for her, but if only they could be in better colours Mummy?  So, we went off to the stash, colour selections were made, knitting needles click clacked and there we are.  One happy child with some leg warmers and one happy Mummy with some rescued arm warmers!

It's a lovely little pattern, if you'd like to try it you can find it here.  I modified it ever so slightly to make the leg warmers, I just started with 36 stitches and left out the first decrease, then followed the pattern exactly.

Til tomorrow then...

S x


  1. Love 'em.
    Attempting to crochet some for my little girl is on my list for the winter ..

  2. OOooh they're lovely. I know who would like a pair of those. x

  3. This makes me wish I could knit... I did try once, I got 1 dishcloth and a 4 inch cable done before giving up.