Tuesday's Child

It's hard to believe that was so beautifully hot and sunny this weekend and even as recently as yesterday when today all I can see from my window is this.

But it's quite nice to have a slightly cooler day and we did have a lovely weekend.  We did the only thing you can do when you get a sudden heatwave, had a water fight!


On to today's project though.  Only a little one, but it adds a big burst of colour!  The pattern for these cute jar, or tin in my case, jackets can be found here at the home of colourful crochet inspiration by the wonderfully talented Lucy.  This is my attempt.

I think the vintage needle colours complement them quite well.

More tomorrow...

S x


  1. You can't beat a crocheted tin cover- I loved making them too - so colourful and useful- what more could you want?,

  2. Love your tin/jar covers, I really must have a go at making some of these - would make lovely little gifts as well wouldn't they?


  3. The photo's of the water fight are so brilliantly clear! Looks like a lovely family day. :-)
    Your crochet jar jackets are gorgeous.. mine was a bit baggy for my jar, not sure what I did wrong!

    Ashley x

  4. What lovely colours you have used for teh crochet jars- so pretty

  5. These are gorgeous colours! I need to find somewhere to store my needles ^_^

  6. Oooh lovely. More tin cannies! Love them and aren't they completely addictive? x

  7. Oooooh the jar cosies are very sweet, your colours are beautiful :-)