Saturday's Child

I really like this one, as it was very quick, simple and great fun to do.  I've been come across a lot of mentions in blogland lately about Japanese crochet books.  No doubt you have too.  The ones I have seen look very beautiful and full of wonderful colourful and inspiring goodness.  Very tempting!

It didn't take too long after visiting Pomadour24's Etsy shop  full of crochet desirables to succumb to the mounting cravings and make a purchase.

This one is not full of the stunning and oh so cute photo shoots but it was none the less inspiring for that.  It is chocked full to the brim of yummy scrumptious motifs that will leave you wanting to make about a hundred blankets immediately, plus a few shawls, scarfs, bags and I know not what else besides.  I took a few snaps to give you an idea...

And.  I know, there's an And!  And, it's got edgings too...

So what else could I do but immediately try some of my favourites out?  That was fun I can tell you and there were so many good ones to choose from!  It wasn't long before I have a nice little pile of cutey motifs sitting next to me.

What to do now?  Add a few of my own little experiments, chain them together and hang them up high, that's what!

Pretty, pretty motifs.  How I love you so!

Some closer shots...

That book's going to be open and on my lap again very soon I think!
S x


  1. Oh they are so pretty, love the colors, the patterns really are beautiful, fab book, i dont think i could put it down :)
    Karen x

  2. Fantastic job and I think that is one invaluable book to have. I just got two sent over so I can't order just yet but thanks for the heads up. Really looks great. x

  3. I've just ordered a book from Pomadour too, it will be my first Japanese one. It's for shawls so different to yours though yours looks a good one and you've made some lovely motifs from it.

  4. The colours are really nice, go you!! What a great book.

  5. This looks amazing!! I've just mastered the sunburst pattern. Loving it loads ^_^ way faster than the traditional granny square. I got the book 100 flowers to knit and crochet so I might try to make a garland from that!

  6. Oh, my heart is going skippety skip at the sight of all those beautiful flower designs (I am a lover of all garden inspired art, you see). You are so clever and I am promptly going to add you to my blog list.

    Thank you.

  7. that looks like a great book of motifs! I love your garland, it's so pretty

  8. I absolutely love your flower garland! That book looks amazing, I'm off to take a peek at Pomadour24's Etsy shop right now :-)


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