Sunday's Child - Elmer the Cushion

Straight from the hook to the camera for this baby, as I put the finishing touches on it just today.  I'm feeling a little pleased with myself over this one.  I a-d-ore it!

That picture above is the part I love best.  The part where I have lovely piles of hooky lying around in a splendid assortment of colours, be it circles, hexagons, or as in this case, lots of tiny baby squares.  It's almost better than the finished article sometimes, seeing those piles.

This time though I'm very happy to see what those piles have come together to become, although I wasn't at all certain when I first started sewing.  Even now I do love to see those squares sitting together with their edges all turned up, looking pretty and full of texture.

Their sewn up counterparts are naturally flatter, which took me a while to adjust to, but lookie at the oh-so beautiful patchwork effect.  That's a very compelling argument for the flatter version to me!

You will maybe remember my over excitement at the colour scheme for the Niffy 50's Ripple Blanket that I made not long ago.  Well, I just haven't been able to get those colours out of my obsessive little head and decided that I needed more of the same.  I had 'The Vision' of the cushion I wanted soon after I'd finished the blanket.  So, having used up a lot of the yarns for the blankie, I made some more selections from stash and turned up a very similar but slightly more muted version using my mounting collection of  Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, with a few others thrown in:

Debbie Bliss Cashmerino, unless stated otherwise:
1.  Maroon - 037
2.  Baby Blue - 02
3.  Dusty Rose - 054
4.  Rico Essentials Merino,  Mint - 45
5.  Spring Green - 002
6.  Primrose - 001
7.  Duck Egg - 031
8.  Rico Baby Classic DK, Petrol - 9725
9.  Rowan Wool Cotton, Goldilocks - 971
10.  Rowan Pure Wool, Enamel - 013
11.  Bubblegum Pink - 006
12.  Cantaloupe - 052

It took me a little while to get a square shape that I was happy with.  I didn't want the holes in the corner that you usually get with these squares but a few merry hours tinkering around got me want I wanted and I was off.

For the first time, I also crocheted the back of the cushion.  Normally I don't bother as I am lazy soul and don't want to waste my time doing a load of hooky or knitterly stuff that won't really be seen.  Usually I cut up a jumper, or sew myself a cushion backing and finish it off this way, but to be honest it takes me so long procrastinating over digging out suitable material, cutting it to size and then, eventually, sewing it together that I found making this hooky backing a breath of fresh and quick air!  Crocheted cushion backs - this may be the way forward!

Time we had a good look at the end result I think...

The button collection came into good use here!

You know, I had thought that this cushion was another product of the 50's colour inspiration, but now that I see it photographed I think Elmer the Elephant must have had something to do with it too?

I've just been handed a cup of tea and the biscuit tin isn't far away, time for me to go and snuggle with Elmer the Cushion!

S x


  1. I think the color scheme is a bit remenescant of Orla Kiely :) <3
    Looks awesome! Will you be sharing the pattern for the 'non-gapped-corner squares'? :)

  2. Beautiful!! Love it. The colours are great. x

  3. Piles are just so satisfying, aren't they? I love your photography and the fact you give the references of the yarns you have used to create such beauty; bravo!

  4. Love it! Love the colors!

  5. I love it ^_^ I'm still contemplating making a cushion cover! I just mastered the sunburst pattern yesterday so I've been crocheting lots!

  6. loverly cushion and the colours just blend, gorgeous :)

  7. Your colours are your own - you choose them! I'm fed up with just a couple of people getting the credit for everything. We aren't all a bunch of sheep are we? Well done for coming up with a beautiful design and colours to show it off. It's really beautiful and you should be proud. Love the finishing - the back is lovely too. I like the compact squares - no corner holes is excellent.

  8. Gorgeous, and very Elmer :D Yet again I find myself thinking ... if only I could crochet !

  9. I love this pillow! Beautiful colors and well done. I just found your blog and signed up as a follower. I'm a Sandra too!

  10. looooove it..Its lovely..I love the colors..

  11. So pretty and feminine, just lovely.

  12. Oh I love this, it is soooo pretty!!

  13. Those colors are soooo yummy! I also love those tiny squares... So romantic and retro!!

  14. wow . i love all these projects. what a super spiffy crafter!x

  15. Absolutely stunning!! How did you go about sewing your squares together?? I have had a pile of these squares sitting around for months and I can't fathom a way of joining them that I am happy with! I'm new to your blog and off to have a look around. Your crochet is beautiful! ax