Second Time Around

So many things are better the second time around aren't they?

For example, I remember knitting when younger and how time consuming it seemed, how sloooowly the little completed portion grew.  As someone who has a Grandmother who has knit constantly during the whole of my life, I have dabbled with knitting many times during my childhood and my enduring memory for years was the amount of work that it took.

Going back to it now, in later life, my perspective has changed and I have finally gained the patience I need to see such a project through to conclusion and this time, finally, knitting (and crochet) have 'stuck' with me.

I have very similar memories of patchwork.  I remember staying at that same Grandmother's house one school holiday and she set me off on sewing together hexagons.  I don't think the project survived more than a day or two as I can clearly remember my utter incredulity of first having the tack the material round the paper and then having to sew yet again to attach them to each other!  The sheer levels of work and effort required blew my little, transient mind and I don't think I successfully completed much more than one hexagon flower.

And so, armed with this memory, I have been surfing around amongst the many wonderful quilting blogs out there in the ether, admiring blocks and fabrics and skill.  Of course, I have noticed a beautiful hexagon quilt here, a hexagon tutorial there and marvelled at these people's dedication in taking on such a humongous task.  Certainly, as lovely as these people's work was, it did not sway me to having a go at such labour intensive work!


As I mentioned before, when talking about my experience with the Japanese Flower Shawl somehow, these things permeate into your brain.  You see something, you like it but you don't want it.  The thing however is now in your head.  For a while it just sits there quietly, biding it's time.  But then, slowly at first, the idea starts to grow.  Before you know it you find not only do you like this thing, but now, amazingly, you have a burning desire to own/make/try the thing in question.  I get this all the time!

So, back to hexagons...

I still had no plans to try any patchwork at all when I stumbled across this, this and this rather brilliant set of tutorials by Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet (most excellent site, if you haven't come across it before).  I was looking for something else at the time, but I got reading and....

... Lori makes it all look and sound so easy, you see?  I got tempted.  I got sucked into thinking that maybe I could do it too.

So, off I set (without a special cutter) making a template hexagon for my fabric, paper hexagons to 'piece' with, finding suitable fabric to use and all in all, enjoying myself thoroughly!

I don't have anything finished to show you quite yet, but hopefully in the not too distant future there will be. 

I'm having great fun with patchwork on this second time around though.

S x


  1. Oh my thats gonna be sooooo beautiful, i love hexagon quilts :D

  2. oh these are beautiful!! It seems like so much effort to make a hexagon blanket. I love your fabrics ^_^ can never go wrong with cath kidston!

  3. Your hexies are so neat! I really want to make some, wish I had a cutter to help, I'll have to use good old fashioned scissors though. The colours and choice of fabrics are wonderful :-)

  4. Oh wow, that stack looks so awesome! :) I really want to try and make a quilt with hexagons (or circles, or squares...) Thanks for the links you provided!

  5. That's going to be gorgeous! It's a good while since I did any paper pieceing of hexagons but my fingers are itching seeing yours :D

  6. GORGEOUS patchwork! I've recently finished my patchwork cushion and love it! :-)
    The colours that your using for the hexagons are really pretty and go together so well..

    Ashley xxx

  7. Oh stop it, you are making me divergent! I have a hexagon quilt I started when I was ten (thirty years ago) it is single bed sized, I just need the oomph to finish it off. It has all been sewn by hand so is very tempting to finish it by machine, but I need to learn how to use one! Your hexagons are beautiful it is going to be a real stunner :)

  8. Just love this! I just added you to my favorites!

  9. Wow! These hexagons look so perfect- can't wait to see the finished piece.
    Love your fabrics.
    You must be blessed with patience!
    Have a great weekend.

  10. It is so lovely to be back from my holiday in Blighty and to pop over and visit your blog.

    I totally agree with your opening comment; I generally believe that everything I do the second time round is better and more enjoyable.

  11. Love, love, love these fabrics!!!!

  12. Love the sight of all those hexagons waiting to be sewn in. I can remember doing this when I was a teenager but never even finishing a cushion. I think I just liked the sewing together. This has really inspired me to get my hexagon template out and start cutting and sewing!

  13. Oh my goodness...I just found your blog and it's quite lovely here. Those hexagons are so absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful colors!!!

  14. I love your little bag!!! I swear you wrote exactly my thoughts...that is so weird!! Jan.1st is my start date for my hexies. Thank you for the links, they were so helpful.

  15. Your fabric selection is awesome! I too love hexagons, doubt that I could stick with it to do a quilt, so I plan to do small projects with them.

  16. I love your hexie's. I started one awhile back. Need to get that out again. I love your fabrics too.