What Do I Do Now?

I didn't get around to posting last week.  I'm not surprised either, it was all such a flurry of activity.  It was birthday time for Little Miss you see, so there was much party preparation going on around here.

I decided to make a rainbow cake such as I have seen around and about on the internet:

Las Recetitas Rainbow Cake

So, I mixed, separated, coloured and baked, making much mess while I was at it

Using an assortment of my own and borrowed cake tins didn't help as I had all different circle sizes, but I stacked it high and trimmed as best I could

Then the decorating began.  As children tend not to be impressed by the subtleties of an all white glazed cake, I had the rather genius (to my mind at least) idea of using Smarties to decorate the outside, giving it a great rainbow effect on the outside too.

The light was not at it's best by the time I had finished but I was pretty pleased with my efforts!

In all the comotion of the party I almost forgot to get a picture of the insides.  All I managed was this rather feeble offering.  Still, I hope you can get the idea?  I was rather pleased with how the violet came out in the end.  I had to mix food colouring to make it and it looked rather drab and grey at one point, but I think I pulled it out of the bag!

So, what with cake making, party craft preparing, party game arranging and the party itself, I was pooped by the time the day of the actual birthday came around.  Into action again, with family visitors this time, more presents to open plus this time there was also a holiday to pack for.  Little Miss was to go off to the beach for a week with grandparents and the excitement (her's) and anxiety(mine) levels were running a little high!

But the weekend came, the bags got packed and off she went, with no fuss at all in the end, much to my relief.  Amazing what a Finding Nemo DVD can do to distract you from the hardship of leaving your parents for a whole week!

So what of this week?

Well, this week is very quiet.  Little Miss is now away on her holiday and I hardly know what to do with myself.  It's so strange not to have her here.

I shall have to try and keep myself busy, I have a few ideas how to occupy my time!
S x


  1. wow, what an amazing cake, well done.xx

  2. Wow, what an amazing cake, i have never perfected the art of baking, cakes never seem to rise xx

  3. Wow and wow again that is one stunning cake :D
    Karen x

  4. What an achievement! I would love to make one of those cakes, mine would look like an explosion in a paint factory! Yours is perfection, with all those smarties too. I bet there were a few Ooohhs and Aaaahs when you served it. Enjoy your 'free' time if you can...I know what you mean we long for peace and quiet and then when we have it the silence can be deafening :) x

  5. Love this cake! The smarties idea is genious!
    My little one will turn 1 in January.. I know.. it's a long way off, but I already find myself thinking of what I'll do for her birthday cake.

    Ashley xxx

  6. Ohmegosh! I am all a flutter!
    Am bookmarking this for a future birthday cake for the little'un
    (what I mean is I'll give this to Grandma to make)
    Absolutley stunning!

  7. It looks awesome & delicious! Happy Birthday to your precious!

  8. Quite a week behind you! But such pretty rewards for all your efforts. This will be a treasured memory for your daughter for many years to come. What an awesome labor of love you gifted her!

  9. What a brilliant cake! I love the rainbow stripes:) You are so creative:)

  10. Your cake is amazing. I have seen these rainbow cakes before but your smartie decorations really take the biscuit (great pun!). Well done, you.

    Try and make the most of the quiet week ahead. It is so strange when our little ones are absent, isn't it? As if something is missing.

  11. Your rainbow cake covered in colored candy pieces is so delightful! That is my niece's favorite cake!

  12. what a beautiful world with colors!!

  13. Wow! What an amazing cake! It almost looks too good to eat but I'm sure it was delish! Liz

  14. I am returning shyly to tell you I am hosting a giveaway and I would like you to have a chance to win. I believe the gifts might be of interest to you.

    Warm wishes,

  15. Hi Sandra! Thanks for visiting me!
    You have done a nice cake, I bet she loved it and she will probably never forget this cake!
    My little one is 7 y.o. soon and I need to think about his birthday party. Your blog is sweet, indeed. So much beautiful things!

  16. Hi there,just found your lovely blog from Country Rose,Wow ,what a fantastic cake and I love the crochet heart window dressing youve made,I m now going to join and have a nosey around!hope thats o.k. lol, love juliexxxx