Back to the Old Routine

It's been a little strange this week, getting back into the normal routine of school days.  It feels an awful long time since we've done the getting up early, the packing of lunch, the "haven't you got your shoes on yet?  I've asked you three times" type thing and I can't say I've missed it very much.  For the first year I've found it harder to get into the routine than fall out of it.  Funny how things change as those Little Ones grow isn't it?

We did all of our  'back to school' preparations last week, sharpening pencils, sewing in name tags, folding the PE kit, digging out the new lunch box that we brought at the beginning of summer, now where did we put that, I know it was around here somewhere?

Out we both set on Tuesday, best foot forward for a new academic year.   My Little Miss has settled straight back into it I'm glad to say.  She seems unfazed by a new year, a new class and a new teacher and for that I'm very grateful.

So, that leaves me.

What have I been doing with myself now that I have the house to myself again?

Well, I've been treating myself to the most shockingly lazy, housework shy, craft indulgent week that I've had for a long, long time!  I have waved the hoover around and flicked a duster about, the washing machine has been whirring and meals have been cobbled together, but mostly, I've been sitting my behind on various comfy places around the house making this thing, or that thing, as I see fit!

Which means, I'm happy to say, I have something to show you!

I wrote not so long ago, of these darling little patches...

What joy they have given me over the summer.  In fact, just seeing that picture makes me want to do more right now.  Yes, I did have me some fun patching away quietly whenever I could steal a moment or two.

I had a fabulous plan for my patches, but once I had gotten to this...

...stage I had to wait for more time, time which would allow for a stint at the sewing machine and this week did deliver!

I wanted to make a sewing machine cover you see.  Now that I have my room dedicated to craftiness I can leave my sewing machine out on the desk all the time.  Very good and very handy indeed, but also very dust collecting - bad.  There was a dust cover included with the machine of course, but how dull, white and unexciting it was - also bad.  So this was my plan, a pretty, crafty and patchy cover - perfect!

So here she sits, all beautiful and ready to be seen.  Shall I show her to you?  Of course I shall!

Isn't she cute?  The best part is she has real thrify-cred too.  Much of the fabric I used was old material salvaged from old clothes and most of the rest I already had stashed.  I allowed myself one small new purchase, some red Flower Sugar by Lecien.  Here's my patches:

1.  Little One's old dress
2.  My Nan's old blouse
3.  Little One's old dress
4.  Little One's old dress
5.  Little One's old dress
6.  Flower Sugar by Lecien
7.  Pink Paisley by Cath Kidston  (Which they don't have any more on the site, but looks like this)
8.  My old blouse
9.  Rose Sprig by Cath Kidston
10.  Little One's old dress

Probably not very useful if you've seen something you love which tuned out to be a dress I cut up, but it does make me happy to re-use things in this way.  Making a dress my Little One wore that I loved, into a sewing machine cover which I can also love, makes for a very happy me.

I lined it just with simple white fabric

and I love the binding, which is also from stash and turned out very well

and sets it all off nicely.

It wasn't all plain sailing though and in the interest of fairness, I must tell you I did mess up the lining size slightly leading to a very snug fit, as you can see by the way it bulges as it stretches slightly to fit over the bottom

and also to an unsightly tuck, which in my immense laziness, I just hid round the side.

Naughty, I know, but it's only for me and sometimes, just sometimes, I find life too short for perfection.

It is time to go now and I must go and put my sewing machine away to bed...

Good night!

S x


  1. Oh that's lovely. Who needs total perfection with something so perfectly pretty!

  2. Just catching up on your lovely posts. I have felt very much the same this year about my dd starting back. I think I had way too many lie ins and I hate getting up early. your sewing machine looks fab - as do your hanging hearts. I was going to ask you what and how much food colouring you used for your rainbow cake? It looks fab. xx

  3. It's so pretty - all the different fabrics go together so well. Great work. :)

  4. How adorable is your new cover!!!

  5. this looks fantastic! i love your sewing machine cover. I cant tell you how much Im glad i dont have to go to school anymore :p every september im grateful lol

  6. I'm glad your little miss has settled back into the school routine, I think everyone likes some kind of routine to an extent.. even if it is school..!
    Love the sewing machine cover, it's gorgeous! I have a similar looking cushion cover, i need to make a cover for my sewing machine but I'm just not nifty enough with the sewing machine yet to be able to do that. I can't wait until i have my own craft room like u have! :-)

    Ashley xxx

  7. Love your sewing machine cover. The picture of the hexagons all piled up is lovely. x

  8. Love your sewing machine cover, it surely matches wonderfully your rosy curtains. Using old clothes for a patchwork, small or large, is on my mind for such a long time, too. I have already 'ripped' many shirts and shorts and dresses, all very neat piled up, but patchwork is still such a difficult craft for me that I always hesitated to start. (Love your picture of imperfection a lot, it encourages me to simply give patchwork a try)
    Have a good week with a second row of many hours just for yourself and your fancies,
    with my best wishes,

  9. Beautiful. Wish I had the patience for patchwork. x

  10. your hexies are divine!! i think my favorite fabric is "Little One's old dress" ....too bad for me. ;)

  11. Wow! It is beautiful! I am in love with it!
    Your blog is lovely! You are very creative.
    Ana Paula.

  12. I love your sewing machine cover - I've been hunting for tutorials for a while now! How did you work out how many hexies to cut? Happy crafting :-)