Ch, ch, ch, ch, changes!

I do love to tinker with things!

I try to restrain myself for tinkering with this site too much though, as it can be a pain for you, my dear visitor.

I hope though, you don't mind bearing with me today while I do make a few changes around here.  They're mostly of the cosmetic variety, but I think it'll all be a little cleaner and a little easier to find things around here when I'm done.

I've put on the links on the right hand side now so that they're all together.  Everything is still there and hopefully you'll be able to find all that you want with out too much extra scrolling about.

I've also updated my menu bar at the top there, so that 'Tutorials' will now get a page of their very own.  I know there's only one of them so far, but I'm kind of 'signalling my intent' as it were and I thought it'd be a nice quick way to navigate to these posts.

I've also cleaned up the Patterns page and split it into the free patterns on the 'Freebies' page and patterns for purchase on the 'Shop' page.  I've also grouped them by either knitting or crochet for your easy finding pleasure.  I think it's sleeker that way and will make things easier as these pages grow in future.  (Hopefully the very near future!)

If I've broken any links or anything annoying like that, please do let me know and I can fix it post haste for everyone's comfort and convenience!

S x