Turning Cartwheels

The sun is shinning, the washing is drying, the house is (reasonably clean), I've just had a yummy lunch and I've come to do a little bit of Ta-Dahing.  All is good and right with my little world today.

These are going to be the subject of today's post

These are my cartwheels.  I don't know why that became their name, but it did and that's how I can't help but think of them.  They are going to made into a shrug of my own (somewhat tortured devising), but before that, let us go back to the beginning.

When I try to think of how the idea came about, I'm not sure I can remember.  I think it came from a number of different pictures I've been seeing lately here, here, here and here.  That and these wonderful colours which had been in my head as a kind of palette ready for action for a little while.

I didn't plan it that way because it was still pretty summery when it was first concieved, but I think they have a pleasing Autumnal feel to them.  I love that word:  Autumnal!

So the circles started to pile up, which you may know, is my very favourite part of the project.  I love the colourful heaps, the pretty displays and all that potential!  Potential is exciting.

Ummm, happiness!

Then came the construction.  This bit I wasn't sure of, it was a kind of 'suck it and see' type procedure, but I came up with a method fairly painlessly and so the networking of cartwheels began.

This stage took quite a while...

But after a while, it started to come together and resemble a garment.  At some point during all this I decided on a simple edging of double (or single, if you prefer) crochet to set it off, with just a few of the colours in.  It seemed right.

And then, it was done.

Such an enjoyable project, I don't think there was hardly a moment in the making that I didn't love, which is usual for me.  Normally, especially when the end is in sight, I start to flag and want the whole thing over with, but this time I was content. 

Well, with the possible exception of sewing in all the 'networking' ends which, in my excitement of getting it all together so I could see the shape, I didn't do as I went along.  Still a solid Sunday's work saw the back of the blighters!

So, there you have it.  Ta, if you won't mind me saying it, Dah!

One more thing.  I know you'll want to know, so I have all the oh so important yarny details for you:

It's made from a sport weight yarn called Bergère de France Idéal, which I picked up at my local-ish shop.  It has a great range of colours, including ones that I felt exactly matched my palette imaginings at the beginning.  Here's the colours I used:

20555 - Cyclamen (Raspberry pink)
20743 - Loess (Khaki green)
20754 - Olivine (Olive)
20846 - Chenas (Plum)
22375 - Balladone (Soft violet)
23026 - Danseuse (Soft pink)
23040 - Citonnier (lemony lime)
24241 - Cendre (Ash grey)
24872 - Calanque (Peacock)

I used just about half a skein of each of the above to make all the cartwheel and a little more of each of the border colours.  Then to join all the circles together I used 3 balls of:

23316 - Vannerie (Beige)

See you soon.

S x

Oh, I almost forgot!  I'm entering this little shrug in the 'Celebrate Color' competition over at Stitched in Colour.  It's a great competition, with some lovely prizes to be won - go and check it out!

S x


  1. I think that is the prettiest shrug I've seen - lot's of color but not overwhelming. Very, very pretty. Great work. :)

  2. beautiful shrug, and congratulations on arranging the colors so nicely. Not so easy given the colours of Idéal I think :)

  3. Fabulousia!!!! sounds italian doesn't it, i should say wow!!! absolutely wow, its beautiful :D
    Karen x

  4. This is quite the most beautiful project I have seen today...and I have been reading for a few hours! Your shrug is gorgeous...well done you! :)x

  5. Wow, it is FANTASTIC!! And you made the pattern up, you are so talented!

  6. Absolutely fantastic, it looks great and such a one off! You must feel very proud of yourself :)

  7. simply stunning, i love it, well done you.xx

  8. Oh wow! I had no idea how they were going to be joined and I love the result! That is definitely something I would wear, I love it :-)

  9. This is amazing! I wish I wasn't all thumbs at crochet...love the color variety! Great entry for Celebrate Color - Good Luck!!!

  10. What an amazing shrug and full of beautiful colours. I especially love the 'plain' colour you have used for the network, makes the colours look even more shining. It´s really fantastic and looks extremely great combined with simple jeans, very sophisticated and special.
    With my best wishes,

  11. Your shrug is absolutely beautiful! The colours are lovely and the joining colour is perfect. I'm so impressed you could put it together without a pattern.
    Jane x

  12. Thank you for the inspiration to make something like this! It looks just stunning, I really love it!

  13. Oh, I would have been so chicken to try to put those together in a garment. Way to go!

  14. It's absolutely gorgeous, you are so talented!! xx

  15. Love, love, love your idea. I think I'll try to make one for myself.
    Also love your blog. I have a link button of your blog in mine, so you will be getting more visits... Keep the good work.

    Ana BC

  16. That's gorgeous, and quite unique really ... love it :D

  17. Wow, that is absolutely fantastic - I love it! I'm so impressed!
    Maria x

  18. Love it! You are very clever to create such a beautiful thing. Also love the colours you chose too. x

  19. Hello,

    Wow, it is FANTASTIC!
    I love you crochteprotject!

    enjoy Conny

  20. That is pretty nice. I love it. Maybe I will try that sooner.

  21. Cartwheels are fun but I think it is more exciting when we do it in our own hands.

  22. Hi, I really like the shrug have you got apattern for it I would love to make one for myself.

    1. Hi Taz,

      Thanks so much! I'm afraid you don't have an email address on your profile so I can't reply to you direct, so I'm answering you here instead.

      Unfortunately there is no pattern for this at the moment. I was planning to write one originally, but joining all the circles together became quite fiddly and complex I'm not sure where to begin getting it written into a pattern!

      S x

  23. Absolutely beautiful! Just love the colours you put together.