Itch to Knit

I've been talking for a while now about showing you the things I've been working on lately.  Well, at last, I'm here to do it!

I have two things to show you today and they were both finished weeks ago now, one even in that long distant past known as September.  Yes, I really am that behind. 

First up is and cute pair of socks.  I haven't done much knitting this year, I've been on a crazy crochet streak for months and months now.  However much I adore my crochet though, every so often the urge to use two sticks comes upon me and I get the 'Itch to Knit' again.  This time the first chill of Autumn motivated me into sock making.

I'm quite pleased because I got to use this beautiful sport weight yarn, 'Blush' from Skein Queen.  It's in Eau de Nil, which is a colour I adore and the yarn itself is gorgeous, so I've been saving it for something special.

I also got to use the Sepentine Socks pattern from Wendy D Johnson's book, Socks from the Toe Up, which I've loved for ages. 

So a lovely yarn, a lovely pattern and some lovely socks at the end of it.  How very heart (and foot) warming!  Just what I needed for Autumn.

Apart from just missing the feel of knitting, the other thing that gives me the 'itch', is when I come across a pattern I just can't resist.  Like when I saw the Kudzu Shawl by Rachel Henry.

I thought it was delightful and wanted it at once.  Not only that, but I was able to make it from stash yarn and I think you'll probably easily understand the importance of that.  (You certainly would if you could see my overflowing stash baskets anyway!)

I used Rowan (RYC) Bamboo Soft in Jewel (117), which is a fabulous autumnal colour.  Very rich and cozy looking.

You can't see the colour well in this photo unfortunately, but I hope you can see the cozy.   This next shows it off better.

It's taken me this long to share it with you because the poor thing has been moping around the house waiting to be blocked.  It didn't want to face the world until it looked properly finished you see.  Although I must confess, I have been wearing it anyway, even in all it's curly edged untidiness because it's been a bit cold and well... it just looked all inviting.

I adore it.  It's as warm as toast and the rich colour looks fabulous.  Another perfect Autumn treat.

You know, I've never thought it before, but I'm practically enjoying the coming of Winter this year, with all these goodies to keep me warm.

S x


  1. Hi Sandra.. Oh those socks are so gorgeous! I love the colour and they look so cosy.. I dream of knitting in the round... I tried earlier this week to knit a wrist warmer on 3 needles, but after 2 hours of fiddling I gave up! What length of circular needle are you using? The shawl is superb.. so far beyond my knitting capabilities..:)x

  2. Oh I'm in awe!They are both gorgeous colours and gorgeous patterns. I soooo wish I could knit better!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! Wonderful job :)

  4. You truly are talented. One day! One day soon I hope I will learn how to. Pop over to my place you have received a Special Award for your blog in appreciation of your support at my place. I hope I am able to share your blog with a few... Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  5. How very beautiful. I would love to knit...sadly have yet to learn, crochet has taken ver my life these past couple of years...but there's always next year!


  6. Oh dear... those socks! So pretty!!!

  7. Oh Sandra the socks are so sweet, really pretty!!!
    And the shawl, oh wow i'm in love, it is simply beautiful!!!
    Karen Xx

  8. Gorgeous knits. Well done on the fancy patterns. x

  9. Gosh, both projects are gorgeous. The pattern in the socks is so inticate, and the colour is very restful.

    The shawl is beautiful, the sheen and colour are lovely....fancy having that in your stash....if you need to do some further stash busting, I'd be happy to oblige any way I could!

  10. That shawl is divine, it is so beautiful I Love it and the colour is gorgeous. xx

  11. Ooh, much shawl love from me. I think I might have to the pattern to my impossibly long Ravelry queue!

  12. They are just beautiful, I love the colour. You're a talented lady, I can only dream of being able to knit such things! K xx