Sweet Treats

Already half-term has rolled around and already it has rolled past.  Where does the time go?

We have had a busy week though.  Mostly we have been working and visiting people, playing with friends and playing at home but we also found time for some spooky baking too.

Good Food October 2010

I found these recipes in the Good Food Magazine last year and being me, of course I didn't get around to doing it that year, but we did manage it this year!

At the beginning of the week we made Scary Skull biscuits, amongst other scary Hallowe'en type shapes.

Little Miss had great fun spreading, squirting and eating the icing and quite frankly, so did I!

Then, for Hallowe'en night itself, we made some Monster Cupcakes.  Excellent fun and a really good one for small people to do as they can shove things on in any haphazard way and they still look good.

That was fun too and they were very popular with our scary evening visitors.  My Little Witch in residence for the evening took great delight in dolling them out to everyone.

I even found time to finish a little something for me, so there were treats for everyone this week.

I saw this delightful idea of Amy's from Nana Company.  I do adore absolutely everything Amy makes, she is so clever and has such a fabulous eye for the beautiful.

For my effort I used some of the left over patches from my sewing machine cover.  It's not as gorgeous as Amy's things, but I do love these fabrics so I'm still pretty happy.

Oh, and I must, must, must catch you up on my other finished projects too.  Otherwise, they won't be my latest  completed projects, they'll just be 'some stuff I made ages ago'.  I'm so behind!  I just need to take a couple more photos, but next post for sure.

Till then...

S x

PS - In case you're also interested, here's the link for the in the Marshmallow Ghosties also shown on the magazine page.  (The other recipe links are up in the post.)


  1. Fantastic Halloween Baking, the skulls turned out brilliantly. I bet your callers loved the cup cakes. Now I want a patchwork phone cover! :) x

  2. Just found your blog through pintrest, I love your phone cover!
    Now following you and about to attempt the granny heart!!


  3. Yum, your baking looks scarily good! Your little sewn case is brilliant my sewing is always a bit hit and miss....well, actually more miss!

  4. I follow Amy from Nana Company's blog and she does make beautiful things but I love your hexegon pouch. Such pretty fabrics!

  5. Are you kidding? this phone pouch beats mine hands down!!! I love it, it is gorgeous, wonderful work! xo amy