Testing times

I just remembered this week that there is one more thing that I haven't shared with you yet and it all started back in September....

That was when I was getting my Grannie Shrug pattern tested in the rather fabulous Ravelry group 'Free Pattern Testers'.

(I also just want to take this moment to say thank you for the fabulous response to this little idea of mine.  I'm so chuffed with how it's been received, I've had so many lovely compliments and it's been selling well, so...  thank you, thank you, thank you!)

I had a great experience having my pattern tested.  All of my testers were very helpful and wonderful going over my pattern with me and as the 'designer' part of the team, I felt that a learnt a lot.  I also thought it would be useful to try out the 'tester' side of the deal though and so I started scouting through all the patterns available.

It's a great place for getting sneak peaks of patterns soon to be released too, so I had great fun checking in on what was new each day.  One day, I stumbled upon this little beauty, a pattern by the very talented Gabriela at Josefina Knits.  I don't think I have ever before seen such beautiful, fine, lace-like crochet in all my Ravlery and bloggy wanderings.  I was stunned by it.

Could I test such a delightful thing?  Heck, could I even make it when the pattern had been thoroughly tested and any kinks worked out?  I wasn't sure, but I quickly studied all the in's and out's of what would be required of testers and was sorry, but not at all surprised to see that Gabriella wanted experienced testers for this pattern.  I certainly didn't blame her, it looked like a very delicate and intricate pattern and although I think I could call myself experienced at crochet, I had never crochet with laceweight before and had never ever tested a pattern before.

It was a shame but I could always wait for the pattern to be released and see what I could make of it then.  So I left Gabriela a note to compliment her on such a wonderful and impressive design and asked if she would mind awfully dropping me a line when the pattern was to be released?  To my shock and absolute pleasure she wrote back to say that she had looked through my projects and felt that I'd had sufficient experience of lace knitting and crochet in general to be up to the task of testing the pattern and she would love to have me do just that!

I was so pleased (if slightly anxious!) and I'm so grateful to Gabriela for giving me the chance to 'cut my teeth' on such an intricate and delicate pattern.  It was such a great challenge and I really did enjoy every moment of making it.

I must admit, crocheting with lace yarn for the first time did take a little getting used to.  Not for the faint hearted I would say, although I guess it's no different to knitting with it for the very first time.  I did quickly get used to it though and it was very easy and pleasurable once I got the hang of it.  Gabriela's pattern too was such a delight to make, it's amazing that such a impressive design can be straight forward and easy to understand.  I adored it, I really did.  Can you tell?

Let us have some more pictures to pour over...

That one's my fav, I love, love, love the edging of this shawl!

Ok, that last isn't so drool-worthy but I thought I ought to at least try and give you a 'how it looks on' type shot!

Well, I hope you like this pattern too and if you get a chance, do check out Gabriela's site or Ravelry page because she makes and designs some very boootiful things!

Till next week...

S x


  1. **jaw drops** It's GORGIOUS!! I love the colour that you picked for it!!

  2. It's gone on my pinterest as well, what a beautiful shawl! I hope I'll be able to crochet something so intricate one day! Also love the colour. Well done. :-)

    Ashley xxx

  3. Agree! That is very special and you are so very talented. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  4. Beautiful and so different from your Granny Shrug. You chose a gorgeous colour, it shows the pattern so well.

  5. Oh my! It is a beauty. It looks very difficult. I'm off to look at some of her designs. Well done on selling your own design too. I love that shrug. xx

  6. Wowsers, you did a fantastic job on it! So pretty and delicate. Well done!

  7. Must have been a delight to get this opportunity. It turned out beyond beautiful!

  8. That is beautiful! You clever lady! I love the colour too, just right for autumn. K xx

  9. Clever you, it's soooo pretty and what a compliment to be used to test, you are very talented and clearly deserve the pat on the back the designer gave you.

  10. What a gorgeous pattern! And what a great compliment that she looked at your work and knew you were experienced enough to test her pattern. :)

  11. Wow, that shawl is beautiful, you did an amazing job! The colour is perfect, well done! :-) x