I'm so excited, I have so much to share with you my dear bloggy readers!  It is coming to one of my absolute favourite times of year and my wiggly, heart-bursty excitement and joy with all that is Christmassy is running at full pelt at the moment.

But, all that is to come.

First I have another something to show you....

Look familiar?  It might, as I've mentioned a couple of times so far, here and again over here.   Well, today I'm here with the finished article.

It's been a nice easy make and it worked up fairly quickly.  Which is good because the weather has just this week turned colder and I'm glad of the extra snuggle warmth in bed.

It's a little strange to be parading such a flowery and frankly, summery blanket around at this time of year.  I took the colours from the various fabric prints in my room and so it matches in well there at least.  You can see a lot of the same sort of colours here on my bedding. 

I had a few troubles with my border this time.  I was planning a fancy number to set it all off a treat but as it came to the end of the sewing together, I decided that a simple approach would be more in keeping.  I made up this version myself and although I like it, it curls terribly so it needs a bit more tinkering really.

I did seem to struggle this time to get a shot of the whole thing in all it's glory.  But I know you'll want to see the whole thing, at least, I would if I was you.  So I persevered and came up with this. 

Or there's this one.

I think it time we indulged ourselves in the facts and figures, the low-down, the 411 if you will!  'Let's break it down Angels':


First the yarn and colours:

1.  King Cole Big Value Baby DK - Banana (228)
2.  Stylecraft Special DK - Fondant (1241)
3.  Stylecraft Special DK - Pomegranate (1083)
4.  Stylecraft Special DK - Lipstick (1246)
5.  Hayfield/Sirdar Bonus DK - Lime (882)
6.  King Cole Big Value DK - Lawn Green (011) & Stylecraft Life - Fern (2311) (Cos I ran out!)
7.  Stylecraft Special DK - Sherbert (1034)
8.  Jarol Heritage - Skye (110)
9.  The cream I used round all the edges and for some flowers: Stylecraft Special DK - Cream (1005)

Weight of blanket:  1500g
Number of balls used: 15
Yardage: 4800 approx
In other words, you'd need 2 balls of each colour of the yarns I used, but I had some left over from each colour.

Flower pattern:  Waterlily from '200 Crochet blocks' a book by Jan Eaton
Plain pattern:  Solid granny square.  You can find loads of tutorials for this all over the internet
Border:  My own invention!

There, I think that's all you need to know.  If I forgot anything, please do just ask and I'll do my best to answer it for you.

Ummmm, snuggalicous!!

S x

PS  Did you spot the film quote?


  1. Wow, I love it. It must've been a lot of work! Smart to edge it with white, that way joining must've been less frustrating?

  2. Your blanket is just beautiful- so happy looking!!

  3. Oh your blanket is just gorgeous :) I love your choice of colours. It's stunning!

    Jo x

  4. So pretty! I love the White makes it look so fresh......really country garden, ice cream and summer which is just as well when it's so gloomy out!

  5. Oh my god. I'm in love with this blanket.
    It's gorgeous!! Usually I'm not as keen on crochet blanket with blocks of the same colour... but this has completely changed my mind, it's so lovely. Well done!

    Ashley xxx

  6. I just love these colours ... so pretty!

  7. Oops, half my comment disappeared, the bit that said well done finishing such a huge project. It really is lovely :D

  8. Aww... it's absolutely gorgeous! The colours are perfect in your room too...such a lot of hard work ...well done you! :)x

  9. I love this blanket! It doesn't matter that it's very summery it's so beautiful :-) The border is great, I think simples good because the flowers are quite detailed and it might have taken away frm that. Maybe you could iron the border a little just to flatten it although personally I think it's fine :-)

    Thanks for sharing all the colour / yarn details too! x

  10. It's beautiful, the colours blend so well, I think the border looks just right. :)

  11. Well you have brightened my day with your beautiful Lappicuddlyghan. Thank you so much.
    Kindest Regards Linda

  12. What a beautiful blanket! Alternating solid squares with the flowered squares definitely makes the whole thing come together, as well as the white edging.

    Someday I may get up the energy to do a big enough blanket for either my bed or our guest bed.

  13. Absolutely beautiful! You have beautiful color taste :)

  14. Hello I just found your blog and LOVE it ! Your blankets are beautiful, I love all your color choices. Thanks for blogging

  15. That is the most coziest looking blanket I've seen!! Great work.

  16. Beautiful! It must, be lovely to wake up under all those colours. I like the two greens you have used - I'm always on the lookout for pretty greens in acrylic yarn and those are two I might have to try.

  17. It is really beautiful. I like the colors very much.

  18. The most beautiful blanket I´ve ever seen. I love this to pieces. Gosh, you´re so talented!!!!

  19. Beautiful blanket, just looking at it makes me think of Springtime.
    Carol xx

  20. That is so incredibly neat! (English neat, not American neat!) What careful work.

  21. That is such a beautiful blanket, very, very pretty, I love it
    Karen x

  22. Ooooh , it's totally gorgeous !! Adding the plain squares has transformed it ..........I lOVE this blanket, the colours are so pretty and well , it's just perfect :0)
    Jacquie x

  23. I don't know how you do it....your hook must be smokin! Beautiful....

  24. This is so pretty! The info on yarn quantities is very useful too.

  25. That is gorgeous, i love the colours. It really does look all comfy and snuggly on your bed :) K xx

  26. It's so pretty! And colorful... I love it. Wishing you a happy weekend Sandra. :)

  27. It's so beautiful I just love the colours, what an amazing blanket love it.

  28. The blanket is so pretty!!

  29. hola
    bom dia
    fro Turkey


  30. what a gorgeous blanket. I love the colours you have chosen.

  31. Absolutely beautiful blanket and I love the white edging on the squares. Is it double crochet? And would you mind telling how you joined the squares - it looks lovely and neat!

  32. Dear Rachel,

    Thanks for your lovely comment! I'd love to get back to you and answer your questions but you left no way to contact you. If you want to email me (link in the sidebar), I'd love to help :)

    Sandra x