Where it all began

Like many people, I have knitting and crocheting relatives and so I've had little bursts of knitting activity throughout my childhood at various times.  But my serious, grown-up knitting life began on one Christmas day a few years ago and I think that's why the excitement of Christmas always now reminds me of that first excitement of knitting again.

I suppose that's also why December seems to start off a bit of a knitting kick in me.  I actually managed to bash out a few knitting bits in the run up the the festive season and I've got a lot more ideas running round my head at the moment too.  But I thought I'd share them with you what I've done so far.

First up is a hat that I saw in a magazine and fell in love with straight away.  It's 'Have a Ball' and was featured in the January 2012 edition of 'Simply Knitting'.  Now I'm not a big fan of variegated yarns but I have a few in my stash and this one just spoke to me for this project.  I'm also not very good at looking great in hats, most look quite daft on me.  I'm certainly not going to give you a picture, so you'll just have to take my word for it!  Basically, this project was doomed from the start, but for some reason, that didn't put me off.

It was quite an enjoyable knit and I like the way the striping worked out but when I had stitched the last stitch and sewn in the last thread, I tried in on and........ yep, I hated it!

I decided to donate it to my Little One, who is modelling it here.  These infuriating cute children, they look good in anything!

More on my Christmas knitting coming soon...

S x


  1. I lvoe it, it looks amazing! You used the perfect yarn for it too, those colors are fab :)

  2. That's so beautiful :) Can#t wait for the next post.

  3. good yarn you used for this cute hat! x

  4. wow, your knitting is so neat! i too look a bit silly in most hats... that's what keeping me from knitting a hat!
    anyway, the hat looks really good though, i think the yarn is really nice (i love variegated, especially for socks)! well done!!

  5. I love this hat! I'd never be able to wear something this bright on myself as I like to co-ordinate my outfits too much. But it would make the most Amazing baby hat. Love it! :-)
    The cables are really pretty too.

    Ashley xxx

  6. But it's always good to have a cute child to pass it on to ;D Sorry about the miss - though it looks great in the pics - looking forward to seeing the hits.

  7. I love the hat, and the yarn you used!!!!
    Lucky your little one to receive it :)

  8. This hat is super gorgeous. I am not a fan of wearing hats myself. I think I look silly.

  9. Oh my gosh this is ADORABLE!! Great job and love that yarn choice! And the pom pom is SO CUTE! Love it, love it, love it.

  10. I'm not a hat person either (hubby is always telling me to put one on in the winter lol). I love the variegated yarn you used.