Linking with love

Are you a 'pinner'?  And, are you a responsible pinner?

I read a couple of interesting posts lately about Pinterest, by Annie of Knitsofacto and Sue at Quince Tree.  If you pin, and especially if you craft, create or capture with film, you'll probably want to read them too.

It's all about giving credit to the creator.  I've been through my pins to make sure that I have a link to the source of each photo I've pinned.  It turns out that some of my pins weren't linked correctly, so I went to track down the proper source so that the clever person responsible would get the credit they deserved.  In cases where I couldn't find the source, I've deleted the pin.

It was a terrible wrench to lose some of those images, I lost a couple of real beauties, but I just sat and imagined that the image was mine and on someone else's board with no link or trace of evidence that it was me who made it.  That would make me sad and I don't want to make anyone feel sad.

If you want any more information about linking your pins.  Check out 'A Love Life' -  When to pull the pin.

I'm going to be linking with love.


If you link with love too and want the badge, which is available in lots of pretty colours by the way, you can find them here.

Happy Pinning!

S x


  1. Bit WHY does it matter? Ultimately ego. MY blanket MY cushion. This is equally selfish. It's a good job not everyone thought ideas were to be owned as we would still be living in caves. Don't you posters get enough praise already. Is something only validated because we all know who did it. Is it not reward enough to have it liked enough to be repined? Why does everyone need to know that it is MINE? If you ask me such an attitude is symptomatic of the greed and inflated egos that are a problem in the world today.

    And no, I'm not saying rip of people's designs but they are on the Internet already. The benefits of that are huge. Greed and money talks too much. I actually like to know where something comes from as it is far more useful that way but sometimes that information is already lost. All these condescending posts about what we can pin or not are patronising in the extreme. If a painting of mine is chosen to go up on the wall and is admired (as well as being chosen in the first place), why is the most important thing my name being attached to it? Let art speak for itself I think. Unless it is about money and people getting something for nothing and then we are back to the greed question.

    Why should a photo of a sunset have my name on it? The view is available to all. Yet we capture it and sell it and take ownership of it. Perhaps if we did less of that, there would be less to bicker about and the world would be a nicer and kinder place. Some people know how to share. It's a shame not everyone does. It has its own rewards. We all know of people like that. It makes them nicer to know in my opinion.

    This whole 'debate' is petty, mostly one sided and smacks of the school yard. I don't in the least feel sad that people don't credit me with what I make. It's a concept that I don't want to buy into.

  2. You are SO right, Sandra. Credit where credit is due. I have tried to "link with love" in my blog ...but now I will check my pins (because sometimes I just pin because I like the photo, and don´t always check the source). Thanks!
    Ana BC

  3. Mmm, valid points by both sides...also see cupcakejojo's comment on (I think) knitsofacto's post.
    What to do? It's a grey minefield.

  4. oh I must do that on my pintrest, it's so true - I'd hate to not give credit to those that deserve it.
    Jessie, xo

  5. Pinterest is a brilliant source of ideas, surely by posting pictures of your work etc on there you do it to share? I think it's a complete minefield but I do infact think you should give credit where credits due! That's me sitting firmly on the fence ;)

    1. Ah, but so many people don't choose to post their own images to Pinterest, others do it for them, and without asking permission. There are a lot of images from my blog on Pinterest, not pinned by me and without my permission having been asked, even though my blog states that all my work is copyright and Pinterest tells pinners to be sure the originator of the image is happy for it to be pinned. I would say yes if asked, but only if the images were credited back to me, and too often they aren't. I think Pinterest needs to take the lead here and make it easier for people to protect their copyright.

  6. Thanks for the mention Sandra. It's a thought provoking and apparently in some instances divisive debate, but I think it's one we need to have.