Overdue thank you

I'm afraid I've been rather tardy in giving thanks to some, if not all, of you out there, so I'm here to make amends.

First, on awards.  There are some delightfully lovely people among you who have been kind enough to think of me when pondering the question of which, 5, 7, 15 (or whatever the designated number is) blogs to nominate an award to.  I've thanked each of you in person, and although I will have sent you an email or commented on your blog, I wanted to give you a mention here too.

I'll start with the Kreativ Blogger Award.

I did already receive this award once before and if you'd like to read the tortuously thought up 'things to tell you about me' and see the blogs I nominated, you can find it all here.  But I also want to thank Karen of 4 Lil' Girls who was also kind enough to give me this award.

Then there's the Verstile Blogger Award.

Dinki Dots, Linda of Linda's Crafty Corner and Little Orphan Skein all found it in their extremely wonderful hearts to bestow this award on me.  Thank you each and every one of you.

Last, but not at all least,  the Lovely Blog Award.

I owe a big thank you to Special K for this one. 

You see?  My award cup runneth over and so too must my thanks cup!  I really do appreciate all of you taking the time and making the effort to nominate me.

I'm hoping very much though if you'll forgive me if I don't fulfil the bloggy award criteria in the conventional way though.  I won't be added any more 'things about me' to my list, I'm sure that every last interesting thing about me has been wrung out of my brain already, which means only dull things are left and no-one wants to know them now do they?

Also, I know that the purpose of these awards is to get more visitors to blogs.  However, I hoping you'll also forgive me further if I don't nominate a list here and now that I think you should visit.  I would like to mention blogs as and when I find them, as I have been done in the past and will continue to do in the future.  But if you do want to find some right now, I have a list of favourites on my sidebar 'Wonderful Blogs' and another list of equally lovely blogs/bloggers 'We're all making a Pretty Crafty Home...' many of these are delightfully new discoveries to me and they could be for you too!

Wow, this has got wordy!  I'm almost done though....

I just wanted to say one more lot of thanks.  This time to my followers and you charming, charming commenters out there.  I have a lovely lot of new followers joining me this year, who I'm glad to welcome and some lovely regular followers who have be good enough to stick with me so far.  You've all been kind, generous and thoughtful in your comments and I read, enjoy, and appreciate everyone of them and all of you too.

Thank you all so much

S x