Sneakily sewing

I've been working very hard lately, throughout most of January and February, cleaning and clearing the place up as thoroughly as I can to help make my PCH.  Diligent as I've tried to be with my chores, it's amazing all the crafty ideas that have been popping into my head as I've been making my way around the house, so I couldn't resist sneaking in a few little sewing sessions to make up a couple of them along the way.

Now you know all about my secret weaving habits, you'll understand my need for 'loom shaped' storage.  Not the easiest of devices to find a home for.  In fact, up to now mine has just been uncermoniously dumped down the side of my desk, with all the various necessary bits and bobs lurking around the general area.  Not exactly ideal.

So I made myself a bag to keep it in, and although I haven't found anywhere better to keep it yet, at least it's all together, easier to move around and looks a darn sight prettier in it's dumping spot!

The other thing that was driving me strangely mad is the blind in my upstairs bathroom.  I guess the recent close inspection showing me the levels of dirt it had collected had something to do with it, and it's lack of ease to clean was maybe another.

Either way, I decided it was out and some rather jaunty bunting should go in it's place.

I'm turning into a bit of a bunting nut.  It can't help but look cute and cheerful and although this one is very simple, it has lots of pretty fabric to look at and in my opinion has made the bathroom a much happier place to clean my teeth of a morning.  Important stuff I think.

Only small changes so far, but baby steps are so important.

S x


  1. I love the colors you have picked and the bag is wonderful. I wish I sewed but me and swing machines don't mix LOL

  2. Oh the materials in the bag are divine. Love the bunting too and as you say, baby steps x

  3. Oh! You have been busy! The bag is lovely - what a great mix of fabrics! And the bunting - the perfect pick-me-up for early mornings!

  4. Happy changes! I love both projects. [You make me wish I could use a sewing machine]. It is just February, and your progress is amazing. Congratulations!
    Ana BC

  5. love both of your changes. I would love to make some bunting but don't think my husband would go for that. He gives me free rein on the house, but that might be going to far for him. Maybe I will "test" the waters.

    blessings, jilly

  6. Oh what a beautiful white and pale blue one of my fave colour combos.
    Stripes, flowers and polka dots it's definitely a winner.......
    I'm with you on the bunting love and once you've caught the bug I'm afraid it's pretty much with you for life.....

    Bunting brightens everything up........

    Claire ✽✽

  7. The bag is so pretty. It's a wonderful way to stash or hide something. I've never tried buntings before. I can't think of a place where they may feel at home in my house, but now that you've mentioned bathroom, maybe :)

  8. Oh you are a good girl, i really should have been cleaning and tidying but have been busy sewing! oooops! i'm impressed.
    Oooooh i love your loom bag such pretty colours and you can definitely still call that tidying ;o)
    and of course i adore your bunting and you can never have too much
    have a lovely week
    love jooles x

  9. beautiful fabric and those ribbons, cute! Bags, boxes and covers make everything look neat and keep things clean. Love the bunting, I made some for the balcony and now I want some more!

  10. Wow, that bag is so beatiful! Such gorgeous fabric and design - it looks so pretty! The bunting is great too - what a lovely post!
    Maria x

  11. You made that bag, just like that?! Gurl you've got talent! It's amazing! :D

  12. Wow wow wow! Your bag is insanely beautiful! I'm completely in love with it, and the little ribbons at the sides are so clever! Never seen something like it! Your bunting is fabulous as well. I also feel that our house became a happier place since we have some bunting hanging! Have a lovely day!

  13. I am definitely still trying for the PCH myself, still very busy with the decluttering stage, I am amazed how much I have got rid of and hauled out...but I am even more amazed at how far I have to go and how much more decluttering there is to be done. I love your bag and wish I had your sewing skills. The bathroom bunting is very cheerful too, much much better than ye old blind! :) x

  14. Well Sandra that bag is just awesome, I'm a firm believer in putting things in pretty containers, they always look better don't they even if as you say they are dumped down the side of something! Loving your bunting too, I'm a bit of a bunting freak having just decorated my bike basket with some LOL!

  15. Doesn't that feel great... being able to sew and be a super efficient housekeeper all at once! Nothing beats the feeling of having made something useful and pretty that just simplifies tidying up. At least, that's what I think.
    Pretty bag! Very spring minded...

  16. What a beautiful bag and useful too!!! The bunting looks fab

  17. Oh I just love this post! I tried weaving years and years ago, I had a great big four shaft foot loom in the bedroom, it took up as much space as a double bed, I loved the action of doing it ..... but I am afraid I just didn't have the math power to work out the warping up business. Yours looks very interesting ..... perhaps I may just take an interest in such a loom as yours. I love the bag idea too, very practical but beautiful ...... and the bunting!!!! Well, oh my, it is simply gorgeous.
    You have started my day off with a smile. Thank you!
    Val xx

  18. Bathroom bunting, amazing, who would have thought. Oh it's just lovely. You have such good ideas! I am a bunting-aholic too!

    Helen xx

  19. I ADORE the fabrics on your bag! Your bunting is beautiful as well. I can see that 2013 is going to be my year of sprucing up my home!

  20. What a beautiful inspirational blog! I only took up crochet a year ago and blogs like yours with fab tutorials have really helped me gain confidence. I'm going to try your basket pattern! It's going to take me a while of bedtime reading to look through your gorgeous photos but I'm looking forward to it! If you get a moment and you don't mind perhaps you could have a look at my very new blog. I'd value any feedback! x