The hit list

Thank you everyone for your very kind words about my little hoppity bunnies!  You've been so sweet about them and I'm pleased to say that a template is in the works and will be coming this way very soon.  I'd love to share them with you and you know what they say about rabbits multiplying!

Today though, I'm here to talk about my grand plans for the homestead.  Those of you who are following along with my Pretty Crafty Home aspirations will know that I spent a good deal of my January and February cleaning and de-cluttering the worst of the mess and that I managed to sneak in a crafty project or two along the way.  Well, now it's time to lay my plans for the changes I want to make around here.

I've been mulling over ideas and here is my Hit List of jobs to tackle first.  Well, it's kind of a top ten, Pick of the Pops type thing, because if I laid the whole tedious list upon you we'd be here all day and nobody wants that I'm sure.

The PCH Hit List

12 Boxing Clever
Straight in at number twelve, a nice easy one to start.  I want to cover these boxes in my craft room with some pretty paper or other.  The big block of red is far to strong and imposing as it is.

11 Wind Don't Chime
Moving up two places to number eleven, The old wind chime.  It's time is up and I'm sick of seeing it.  Plus, it doesn't chime where it is because it's hanging against a cupboard.  Time for it to be replaced with some sort of crochet goodness I feel.

10 Arty Little Miss
 My darling child loves nothing better than to draw, paint and generally cover paper and herself in colour.  I have a plan for a better way to display her plentiful output!

9 Cover Up Job
Down three places this week, it's another cover it up job.  This time the 'other' two files that have been waiting.... three?.... years to be finished.  Time to spruce them up to match their friend.

8  Tied Down
I made the curtains, but that's not the end of the story.  They need ties and hooks instead of holes in the wall and I've been putting it off so far. 

7 Take a Seat
This old dining room chair is now a handy dumping ground in my bedroom but the colour isn't exactly in keeping.  It needs a nice new fabric cover.

6 Thorn in My Side
Still hanging in at number six, it's the computer table I've always hated.  Although it doesn't look half as bad as it did before I tidied all the wires and what not away, it's still not great.  It needs..... something.  I don't know quite what, but I'm going to try and come up with and idea.

5 Waste of Space
A new entry for number five as it occurred to me the other day that I must be able to put this old blocked up fireplace cubby hole to better use.  The dust collecting candles need to go and... well, it's another one I'm not sure what I'll do with.  The thinking cap will certainly need to come out!

4 Long Overdue
With well over five years in the charts, this little wash basket has been waiting for a new coat of paint for a very long time now.  I think it deserves a pretty new fabric lining too.

3  Testing Testing
The unsightly pile of shoes will need to be stored and the patch of tested paint surely has to go.  I even brought the wallpaper last year and it sits ready and waiting.  No excuses any more.

2 Real or Fake
These 'fake' curtains were the first pair I dared to make and because I had blinds in the windows, (and not enough material) they are not wide enough to actually draw and just sit at the sides the dress the windows.  But no more.  I managed to snap up some more material and adjustments will need to be made.  You shall be real curtains!

1 Seeing Red
In the top spot, this week's Pick of the Pops is the Red Wall.  I adored this paint when I first got it and loved in for a whole year.  Yes, one whole year!  Then, I hated it.  So much.  It feels so dark and it looks very tatty now too.  I'm harbouring wallpaper plans but I'll have to work on Mr G to see if I can ease open the purse strings for that...

Well, there you have it.  It feels like the tip of the iceberg but it's a start.  I've shared the 'before' and hopefully we'll be seeing some 'after' in a little while.  Wish me luck, I may need it!

I hope all my crafty homemakers will come and share their Hit Lists with me over on the Flickr group.  I'd love to hear of all your plans and we can cheer each other on.  I've also added a blog link thread so we can visit each other's blogs and see how everyone is getting on.

Want to make your own Pretty Crafty Home with us?  Find out how to join the fun here.

S x


  1. I love your top 12! It's funny how there are things that niggle at you for ages before you *finally* get around to sorting them....and then I spend the 5/10/15mins it took me to sort it out wondering why I didn't do it sooner?! Looking forward to seeing what you do x

  2. I really admire your honesty showing us the 'befores' you have some great ideas and it will be really interesting/inspiring to follow. It makes me need a magic wand for my place, I have some hideous places...I could do a top 40! Off to ebay to look for magic wands....

  3. I too love the way you have listed everything(or most) that needs to be fixed up. I can't wait to finish the decluttering, than it is on to the fun stuff.

    blessings, jilly

  4. Great plans! We will be watching to see the progress. I share your passion of decorating the house with crafts, instead of just buying "stuff". Isn´t that fun?
    Ana BC

  5. I'm thinking I might just join in with you on this. We've been in this home now almost 2 years - it's a smaller house than our previous one and I'm needing to "fix" quite a number of areas. I will follow all the bits to find out what I need to do & try very hard to work out the flickr side of things (no promises there LOL).

  6. Hi Sandra! I love your Home Sweet Home embroidery! It is so pretty! Thank you for working on a bunny template to share with us. That is so sweet of you! You have a wonderful list! I need to make one myself! Thank you for the inspiration! xo~ Paula

  7. Sandra that's quite some list! You are going to be one busy lady, but so happy when you start to cross things off your list. We have just finished our dining room, which wasn't even on a list, but it looks great, all the clutter has hidden itself away in our loft room. Guess what I'm going to be doing really soon? Yup decluttering!

  8. Hi Sandra, Well I'm working on that list today and actually posting it to my blog.............

  9. You're doing so well, life has really derailed my efforts, all I have at the moment are a lot of (scary) lists, but I'll get there. I need to make a top 10 like this, brilliant idea.