Naughty but nice

So, I have a little confession for you.  I had a rather exciting delivery the other day.  Something for my home that I really love, that will look really pretty in my home, but...  it's not crafty and it's certainly not thrifty!  It's a brand spanking new chair from Laura Ashley, the kind I've coveted for ages and ages.

Do you wanna see?

What do you think?  Delicious?  I do.  I was going to go for a more colourful fabric choice originally, but the check just won me over.

As you see, not very much in the spirit of my Pretty Crafty Home quest for the year.  The only things I can say in may defence are that I actually ordered it last year (just), after Christmas.  So technically, it wasn't part of this year.  Ok, I agree, a bit flimsy.  It was in the sale though, a fabulous 50% off!   That's something isn't it?

I forgot to take a before shot before we moved the old sofa out, so it's kind of hard to see what that side of the room looked like before, but I have got the two ends of the sofa, so if you screw up your eyes and use your imagination a bit you'll have some idea of what we had before.

Ok, so the fact that they were taken at different angles doesn't help much either.  But to explain, we previously had two sofas in this room, a large 3 seater and a smaller 2 seater.  The smaller 2 seater sofa is now gone and replaced with my beautiful armchair.

I've been playing and I've tried it this side...

But I think it looks better the other side....

It's opened up the room a lot.  For a start the door open opens up a lot wider, instead of banging against the sofa and the room feels more spacious too.  There will also now be a nice corner for my ridiculously too-big-for-the-room, over the top Christmas tree to fit into.   

And best of all, you see that little alcove to the right?  I've always dreamed of having a little cupboard and shelves in it, for extra storage and because it'd look so fab - well now I can.  Hoorah!

It's turning into a rather comfy little crochet spot too.  I've just got to resist the usual urge of surrounding it knee deep in yarn and woolie projects of one kind or another!

S x


  1. It looks really comfortable ... the perfect crafty corner!

  2. It is a beautiful chair! Perfect for making your Pretty Crafty Home because now you have the perfect spot to be crafty!

  3. Hi sweet Sandra! Your new chair is gorgeous! I am so happy for you sweetie! Such a great discount too! It looks perfect where you have it. I am glad you have a nice, comfy spot to crochet in. I also love your idea of putting a cupboard in the alcove! Then you can fill it up with yummy yarn, books and other sweet things! xo~ Paula

  4. Don't feel guilty about your new chair, just think about all the lovely handmade throws and cushions you can make for it!

    Fleur xx

    (ps. it does look lovely)

  5. It looks lovely! And your wallpaper is gorgeous too!
    Maria x

  6. My sentiments exactly Fleaur Cotton, my immediate thought was....oooooh, what could you make to go on it!

    It's beautiful...good choice, I love check fabric, but then I also have point out, that's because I can sew along the lines!

  7. 50% off and Laura Ashley??? You are so forgiven!!! And you have made it look very, very cozy. If I was a visitor, I'd pick that chair to sit in.

    blessings, jilly

  8. absolutely lovely chair!

    . . . & a nice little hooky spot, too!

  9. Yummy, I love Laura Ashley comfy chairs. Yours is just lovely. And I love the look of that blanket you are working on, looks very cosy indeed

    Helen xx

  10. Yes, delicious! And the granny that you're busy with...goes with it very nicely :-)

  11. It looks very cosy and nice!

  12. That chair looks just amazing, so cosy and just right for crocheting in!

  13. Gorgeous - i would move into Laura Ashley if i could!

  14. That is not naughty, but GREAT!!! And you are already making it crafty with the granny cushion and quilt. Don´t hide it behind the door... it looks better on the other corner, matching beautifully with the wall paper. Lovely and worthy adquisition. Enjoy!
    Ana BC

  15. This looks amazing!!!
    I am consumed by wanting one now :-)
    Good deal, and I hope you enjoy snuggling in it

  16. What a glorious chair, so comfy and perfect for hooking in as it has low arms. Anyway it was a pretty crafty purchase cos it was a bargain! About the crochet mayhem, more baskets?!?! ♥

  17. Definately fits the 'crafty house' theme, after all it's not only a spot to create in but a display item for your crafty creations! 2 crafty things in one, so it's 'thrifty' too.

  18. You can't beat a good chair- it really changes how you use a space!
    We recently moved my baby-feeding armchair (real-comfy-Ikea-number) downstairs into the back room and I LOVE sitting in it, looking into the garden and crocheting, of course.
    I love the pattern on yours and I definitely prefer position 2 next to the light.
    How super!!

    1. Enjoy your lovely new chair, it looks perfect where you have placed it and I can see you spending happy hours there crafting away.
      Anne xx

  19. I would love to have room for a chair like that, I enjoy chairs where you can curl up and knit/crochet! Perfect.

  20. Beautiful Chair patterns with the Brown, Light Blue and Gray shades. The room looks so cozy....

  21. What an amazingly awesome chair! It looks wonderful where you put it; a perfect spot for crafting, reading or maybe even napping. And kudos for getting it 50% off. Even if it wasn't 'thrifty' it was thriftier than full price. Don't you just love my reasoning?

  22. Ahh I love it :D I fell in love with a 2 seater sofa from LA a couple of years ago but without sale prices they can be a little ridiculous!
    I think the heritage style fabric makes the chair fit perfectly with your look. I hope it is as comfy as it looks! xx

  23. Love it... so cosy... wonderful.