We interrup this broadcast...

I hope you will please excuse me, I'm about to make a bit of a mess!

When I started this blog, one of the things I wanted to do was have a place which would be a record of all my crafty activities.  I even said so in my first ever post.  And although (more so since 2011) I've been recording away.  I'm finding it hard sometimes to find things in the sea of posts.  The posts do all have 'labels', which is great for browsing a particular category but sometimes I just want to shoot to a particular thing.

So, with that in mind, I've been pondering for a while some way to list all my projects.  It's mostly because I'd like one place to record everything. Ravelry is great for yarny projects and I've just started using My Sewing Circle for sewing projects, but that's in two different places and what about other things that don't fit into those two areas?  It's partly because it'd make my life easier when I want to find that particular something and partly because you guys might find it useful too?  I know I've trawled through blogs before thinking ' I saw that thing... a while back... where was it now?  Maybe you've had the same thing.  Maybe I'm just a organisational freak.  Entirely possible.

Either way, I've been sending a bit of time here and there compiling photos, lists and links.  Some of it is very sketchy as lots of things were made 'before records began' as it were.  But it's a start.  I'm doing an 'index' post for each year and I'm also going to add a new page, so you and I can find them easy peasy.

Suffice to say, I'm about to post a whole series of rather picture heavy posts that out of context won't seem to make a whole heap of sense, so I thought I'd better give you fair warning!  Please feel free to 'mark as read' and wait for normal service to resume.  But of course, if you want to have a browse through please do.  You never know, you might stumble across something you've not seen before.

If you find any incorrect or broken links, or something missing or anything of that nature, let me know and I'll do my bestest to fix it.

It should just be for today and then it'll all be over.  Sorry to be a pest and thank you for bearing with me!

S x


  1. I've been meaning to do something similar for my completed projects on my blog too. It's just spending the time organising everything.

    As a recent follower I shall enjoy going through your archives, so have no fear, you're not being a pest :)

  2. Sounds great!!! I can't wait to look at them all!! xo Heather

  3. I was feeling the same. So many projects seem to get lost in the sea of blog posts. I have also been doing an index of projects, with some photos. But your idea of mini mosaics is great. I will check your photos, because I am sure I have missed some good ones in the past. Good idea!
    Ana BC


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