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BBC Test Card

Further to my post earlier today, I'm glad to say I've now finished mucking about with massive photo posts!

The new page is up and running so it should be a cinch to find things in future, I hope.

Thanks for bearing with me.

S x


  1. No apologies needed, I've loved looking down all your photos together - very inspiring!

    Have a good week.
    Fleur xx

  2. What a lovely post about 2011, it was so relaxing scrolling through all those beautiful items!

  3. Brilliant!!!! I love the idea - so organised, and so exciting to see all those amazing projects! Must make you feel very satisfied to see all the lovely things you've made!
    Maria x

  4. So many fabulous projects, you must be sooo proud of everything you've made. I've loved looking through all the photos, thanks for sharing them with us.

    Jumbleberries xx

  5. I enjoyed looking through all of your projects, I think it is a great way to catalogue them all. But I must say, that card scares me somewhat, did you see Life On Mars?!!

  6. Hi there! I am your newest follower and found you via my lovely friend Kandipandi's blog! I have just learnt to crochet and love your tutes! Come and visit my blog if you have time love Annie xx

  7. I love your photo mosiac page and having every thing listed by year. You have done a great job in organizing and making it all available for your self and your readers to easily go back and look up stuff. I am currently on my 4th blog and have Ravelry & Flickr and so many projects and stuff all over the place. Your blog is inspiring in so many ways.