Farmer's old girlfriend?

If you move in any quilty blog circles at all, you will no doubt know all about the Farmer's Wife.  The book, the quilt along, the Flickr group, the blog, the film...  Okay, maybe not a film.  Everything else though relating to this quilting phenomenon is all over this crafty community of ours in the ether.

It is the best part of a year since I first mentioned my thinking of joining in with the farming fun and, as is my way, only now have actually gotten around to doing anything practical about it.

I've had a charm pack of the 'Ruby' collection by Bonnie and Camille for Moda for a equally lengthy amount of time that I grabbed in a rush of excitement on a shopping trip one day.  Since then I've been wondering quite what I might use it for.  Then last week, just as whimsically, I decided to make some FW blocks with it.

I'm not planning to make a whole quilt full though.  I'm only planning a little decorative piece to hang in my hall.  What I wonder is, if they say that those who are making the whole quilt are the 'Farmer's Wives' and those making queen or twin sized quilts are 'Farmer's Mistresses', what on earth am I?  A 'Farmer's old girlfriend'?  A 'Farmer's blind date but they didn't really hit it off''?  A 'Farmer's nodding acquaintance' perhaps?  I dread to think.  Instead, I'm going to think of this as the 'Farmer's Baby'.  As it will only be a wee, baby sized little thing.

I decided to keep to the tiny 6" block size.  Partly because I only had my little charm square pieces of fabric and partly because I only have so much wall space for this little decorative do-dad to hang in.

I started off with 'Northern Lights' and then 'Churn Dash'.  I wasn't completely happy with my piecing on Northern Lights...

And the colour combinations for 'Churn Dash' are a little dubious, in my opinion.  It wouldn't have been so bad if I'd arranged them better.  I should have stuck more to the colour layout in the book but I went a bit 'off-piste' and now it doesn't really look like a dashing churn at all.  Ah well, you live and learn.

Next, I made up 'Evening Star' and I like the colour arrangement of this one better but again my piecing wasn't really up to par.  Look, I've lost all but one of my points...

Now, this annoyed me a bit.  I mean when I made my first quilt I cut off a far few points along the way but in all honesty I really couldn't have given a fig at the time.  It was my first quilt and I was so startled and pleased that I'd gotten so far, that a missed point here or there really didn't bother me.

But that was then, I thought.  I've moved on, I thought.  Surely I'd been practising this sewing malarkey enough since then for my precision to be a bit more, well, precise?  I felt that it should be.

For my next three blocks, I put a little more thought in....

....but I'm afraid this is a story that will need to be continued in another thrilling instalment later, as time is short and I must away.

Don't worry, I won't keep you waiting too long Dear Readers!

Till next time...

S x


  1. Lovely to see some fresh inspiration on the farmer's wife... I'm a year or so behind, having only bought the book last week! I like the idea of using a charm pack.

  2. What lovely fabric. I have just bought a sewing machine and am about to embark on a quest to learn quilting and a little dressmaking etc. Actually dressmaing is a bit of a grand term for what I intend to do. Bit like calling a tatty weed infested bit of scrub grass a lawn - lol!
    I am intrigued by the Farmer's wife thing and am about to go look it up. Lily. xxx

  3. Farmer's Wife - not heard of that before, am off to check it out. Love your little squares though, the materials you have used are really pretty and fresh - fab.

    Have fun.

    Jumbleberries xx

  4. big gasp! ahhh these are too sweet Sandra :o they are just lovely! You must do the full quilt so I can see more of them, that's an order ;)
    Jessie, xo

  5. Shh, stop telling us what's wrong with them, that way we'll only notice how lovely they are :D

  6. Ohhhh POints, smoints . . . Still lovely!!

  7. I have no idea what this "farmer's wife" is about (must check that out!) but that material is just gorgeous! I think they'd make super cute patchwork cushions :) I'm sure whatever you're working on will turn out beautiful too x

  8. Not a clue what all this farmers wife thing is about.....haha....but I love your fabrics...and I'm sure your finished creation will be fab...looking forward to seeing it!
    Carole x

  9. Hello sweet Sandra! What a delightful post! Oh, you had me laughing! I do think the "farmer's baby" is the best way to go! I have seen other ladies making these blocks too and I really would love to try my hand at them as well. You have chosen some really pretty fabrics and I like your idea for making little wall hangings. They will be sweet, charming and cheerful! I think you did a beautiful job sweetie. Don't be hard on yourself. You are a talented seamstress and crafter and little mistakes will happen now and then, though I would have never noticed that point. I am a bit of a perfectionist, but I am learning not to stress so over things. It is hard, but I am learning!:) I look forward to seeing your next blocks and I know they will be a beautiful as these are! Thank you so much for your very lovely comment! xo~Paula

  10. Sandra, they are beautiful!! I love the Ruby line!! Such pretty colors!! I hear you on the points!! ;) Have a great night!! xo Heather

  11. They are all lovely, but the Evening Star is my favorite. Love the red surrounding the aqua!!!

    I am staying away from this one until I make more of a dent in my huge unfinished pile.

    blessings, jilly

  12. Lovely fabric!!!
    It was so funny to read your post : I really enjoyed it! Thanks,
    xx Alessandra

  13. I love those colors too! You are ahead of me, I keep looking at everyone's FW squares and have yet to buy the book. (I bought the Dear Jane book about 15 years ago and only made 4 blocks!) I need to catch up, don't I?

  14. haha, the farmer's baby made me giggle. I don't know much about quilting but this looks stunning!

  15. Your blocks are lovely Sandra, and don't worry about a few missing points! I've never heard of the Farmers Wife book, or the blog or the film! I'd probably be a bit put off by the 6 inch blocks though...too fiddly?! You must do some more though!


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