Farming and learning

 I hope you'll forgive me going into a bit of a post overdrive a little for a while.  I posted three times last week and I'll probably do the same this week.  It's just that I'm a little behind on sharing my crafty makes with you and I need to catch up on my showing and telling.

Thank you for all your lovely comments again lately.  You made me feel much better about my crafting for a boy and my messy mis-fitting top.  You've eased my little mind, for which I'm very grateful.  I'm also a little behind on my messages, so if you're one of those waiting for a answer, you haven't been forgotten I'm just playing catch up with everything at the minute.

Well, that bit of blogkeeping out of the way, the reason I'm here today is to fill you in on the next chapter of the 'Farmer's Baby' saga.  We left off with three blocks completed and me giving them a bit of a mixed review.  Let us move on...

I decided to concentrate next on the blocks with half triangles.  I've only ever tried the method I first heard about on Lori Holt's wonderful site, Bee in my Bonnet.  The Easy Half Square Triangle method I learnt there, I love for it's simplicity and speed, but it's the worry over wasting those cut off triangles that's always niggled me a little.  I decided to try and get my head around the maths and test out the other Half Square triangle method I knew of, where you get two triangles from a slightly bigger square and use it on 'Calico Puzzle'.

It worked out perfectly well but it felt slow and a bit laborious.  Plus, I found that using Lori's method meant I could actually get more out of my little 5" charm squares, so I reverted back.

And once I found I could use my little off-cut triangles to make these...

I was completely sold on it.  No wastage at all, what's not to love?

So, the only thing I wasn't so happy with now were the colour choices I'd made so far.  I had sort of dived in originally thinking that as it was all for one fabric line, anything would go and I didn't put an awful lot of thought into it.  For the next two though, I selected a little more carefully.  'Friendship Star' came out quite nicely, I thought.

And 'Contrary Wife' was my favourite so far.   I like the fabrics and the balance of colour on this one.

So, I had three more blocks were complete and I was feeling a lot happier with things.  I wasn't sure I was enjoying these little blocks at first, but now I definitely was.  It's quite fun making a different block each time, it's something I hadn't done so far and it's kind of addictive.

So, feeling like I'd been learning as I went along I felt a little bit bolder and a little bit braver and ready to tackle new challenges.

But of course, that'll have to wait till next time....

S x


  1. These are all so lovely although I think my favourite is 'Contrary Wife'.

  2. I love those blocks so far! I've bought the book, but not even opened the CDrom yet. Are you machine sewing all your blocks? Is that working out alright? I definitely like the idea of sticking to a fabric range like you have done.

  3. I love them, and I just adore the Ruby line!! Such prettiness!! Thanks for sharing!! ;) xo Heather

  4. Oh I think your colour choices are wonderful! I can't decide which is my favourite but it's probably the pink.

    I love patchwork but it's so time consuming, so I admire anyone who can keep at it :-)

  5. Oh so pretty....and such beautiful fabrics...I couldn't choose a favourite!
    Carole x

  6. Your blocks are Ruby regardless. I've just started Farming and have also selected the 1/2 square triangle combo. I'll have to really read this post to get some hints. In the meantime....happy farming!

  7. The blocks are very pretty. I like that you are doing a small quilt with them. Of course then we can see it done that much quicker!

  8. Oh they are so pretty I love them all!

  9. I love the blocks ... wonder if you will be going for a quilt after all! I have the book in my basket at Amazon and reading your blog has encouraged me to go to checkout! Not sure I have either the patience of skill but you can just start with one, can't you.


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