Still not very warm yet

I don't know what kind of weather you'd be expecting to get at this time of the year in your part of the world, but around here things would normally be rather balmy and spring like.

It doesn't seem to be happening though.  In fact, it's keeping unseasonably chilly, which is a worry, because here in the good old Blighty, our summers are a hit and miss thing at the best of times and quite frankly, it's been known for May to be the best month of the year.  So, if May is a wash out... I dread to think what the 'summer' will be like.

The reason I mention it you see, is that I think it must account for my recent urge to make socks.  Hand knitted socks are a lovely, cozy thing for little toes and feet to be encased in and these chilly evenings have got my toes thinking of ways to stay warm.

Were you here with me in January?  If you were, you might just remember this doomed hat project.

As it looked daft on me and was really too big for Little Miss, I decided to go frogging.  I'd brought this yarn with socks in mind originally, so a salvage operation was called for.

Armed with my newly wound balls of crinkly yarn and my trusty 'Socks from the Toe-up' by Wendy Johnson, I set off knitting up Tic Tac Toe Up Socks.

It probably wasn't the very best choice for this yarn because you can't really see the clever little X's and O's of the pattern with all the colourfulness going on.

But despite that, I'm very happy with them and I'm glad that this yarn did turn into socks in the end. Sometimes you just can't fight destiny.

Pattern:  Tic Tac Toe Up Socks by Wendy Johnson
Yarn: Balance (fingering/4ply weight) by Alina Shea (Purchased from here)

S x


  1. Oh a much better use for this yarn indeed. They are really nice!!

    The weather has been horrible in Belgium too, apart from some rare sunny days... Quite depressing but at least it doesn't feel odd to be knitting socks. ;)

  2. Your socks look great and I love the colour of the yarn. It's chilly here this evening too in the south east. I've even had the heating back on this week a couple of times. We've been dry today but more rain forecast tomorrow & weekend. So difficult to plan days out.

  3. Will you be knitting socks for the whole Olympic team too?!? Do hope it's not going to be a wash out. What a year for us to have this awful weather!

  4. Fab socks....and they look so comfy!
    Carole x

  5. oooo they look so toasty! Up here in the north of England I could really use them as its so blooming cold! what on earth is going on with our english weather? Like you I'm worried that the summer will not be great. :(

  6. love the colors!

    This May is warmer than normal here. Going to be mid to high 80s this weekend.

  7. Beauuuuuutiful Color, Sandra! :)

  8. Love your new socks!! Such pretty colors!! xo Heather

  9. OOOOOHHHHH lovely colors, wish I could knit socks, they look so complicated. You have been so crafty this year look forward to all your posts
    Lol Karen x

  10. They are fab Sandra so much cooler than the hat!

  11. Hello dear Sandra,
    I wish I could send you some Louisiana heat, humidity and sunshine! I do hope your weather improves and you will have a nice summer to make up for a cold spring! You knit beautifully! I love the colors and the pattern. They look so pretty! Very well done! I also love the quilt blocks in your previous post! The fabrics are so pretty and cheerful and you sewed them up perfectly!!! I love them all and I am glad you are happy with them! I look forward to seeing your finished quilt. Have a lovely Friday and weekend! xo~Paula

  12. Yes, I agree, it is still cold weather :-( But you choosen nice colors of yarn! J.

  13. Hello Sandra,

    They look as you say really cosy.... I tired crocheting socks once....not the best of my efforts I assure you.
    I hate to say it but its warm and sunny here but we do have storms forecast... I'll pack up some sunbeams and send them over for you LOL

    Amanda :-)
    still struggling with cushion back which I will finish this weekend or bust!

  14. Oooo I do like those socks! And I love toe up socks too, especially with a magic loop. Looking forward to the autumn when I get the sock making urge!