Things that make me go ummm

I seem to be struggling lately with my yarny projects.  I'm finding it hard to find that one thing that I absolutely must make now.  Normally there's at least a gazillion things jostling for the premium 'next in line' spot, so it feels a little strange to be dithering.

I think it's because my love affair with sewing is growing stronger every day at the moment.  Most of the ideas that are getting me really excited at the moment are to do with fabric and thread.

So, as I pondered what my next great yarny project should be I floundered a little until I happened to stumble across this pattern on Ravelry.  It looked pretty, it looked quick, it looked simple, it looked just right in fact. 

I made mine a little longer in the body which I do prefer over the original, but to be honest it's not my favourite make of all time.  I kept mucking up the pattern (despite its ease and simplicity) and as a result it looks a little messy but I really couldn't seem to summon up the energy to put it right.  Also the waist band is a little too tight.  I would appear my hips have grown since I last made myself something!

I didn't fix that either though.  I've got this silly idea in my head that there's really no point as I've recently decided to start a new exercise regime and so surely it'll fit me well enough before too long?  You know, because this exercise regime is different.  This exercise regime I will stick too and it shall make me thinner and be a better person and the world will be a better place.  (Well, I said it was silly!)

Until then, I shall wear my imperfect top over my imperfect hips and be perfectly happy with it.

Pattern: Sophie by Juliet Moody
Yarn: Rowan RYC Cashcotton 4ply (discontinued I'm afraid)

S x


  1. Wear it with pride Sandra!! I too am embarking on (yet) another fitness regime! Hope it lasts longer than the usual week!!! lol x

  2. But you do make some lovely stuff!!!!
    I'm still making my cushion back following your tutorial which I personally find perfectly clear and the pics really help. Had to adapt it a little as I'm using cotton.

    I'm on another diet too sigh!!!


    at Crafy in the Med

  3. I think your toplooks beautiful!!!! Lovely pattern for the summer
    Ana BC

  4. The top is beautiful!!!
    I'm very impressed you whipped that up!

  5. It is gorgeous, and you like beautiful in it!! Love the creamy color!! xo Heatheer

  6. I very much understand what you are saying about thinking more about sewing than crochet. I feel it too but I wonder if for me it also has a bit to do with the weather getting warmer. Although I crochet items for year round, I think I associate it with cold weather - hats, blankets, arm warmers, etc. I guess I'll see how I feel in the fall.

  7. Just do it!!!
    I love your last words of philosophy!!!
    xxx Alessandra

  8. Fabulous're multi talented for sure!
    Carole x


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