Stanley's blanket

I keep having urges.  Don't worry, I'm not about the share something terribly personal and secret, this is crochet urges I'm talking about.  You see, the problem is, I can't stop myself wanting to make another blanket.

I don't need another blanket.  Far from it.  I have many beautiful crocheted blankets and now I even have some beautiful quilts.  The last thing I really need is a crochet blanket, but try as I might, I just can't get the idea out of my head.  Everywhere I go on the web, I see more lovely blankets.  The only patterns that seem to catch my eye, are for blankets.  Nothing else seems to appeal much right now.

So, my solution was to comprise and make a little blanket.  This, I decided, could be a little snuggly blanket for my pesky kitty Stanley.  He's pesky because he will always want to sit in the very places I least want him to sit, like fresh piles of washing for example.  Lately, he's been very taken with the chair that we have in the dining room.  The chair with a pale cream cushion on, naturally.  I thought I could kill two birds with one stone.  Get over my blanket making urge and stop black cat hair getting all over my chair cushion.  Perfect.

Ages and ages ago, I saw on Tiff's site, Dottie Angel, the Ordinarily Extraordinary Blanket and fell completely in love with it.  Love the colours, love the doilies, love it!  That was to be my project.  Nice and quick, nice and simple.  Also perfect.

It was a lovely project to make and it was delightfully, relaxingly simple to hook up.  I even planned out the order of my square colours before I started.  Just so I didn't have to concern myself with such matters during the process.

I had a most marvellous time making it.  All too soon though, it was over.  The last square made, the last border stitch complete.

So, was the project a success?

Well, I think Stanley is happy with it...

...and I'm happy he has a nice cozy place to sit.  I'm also very happy with my finished blanket and very happy it was such a lovely relaxing little project to work on.

 But, did it get rid of my urges?

No.  Not even a little bit.

I'd had another blanket idea you see, and that little idea was very well lodged in my tiny brain and it didn't seem to be moving.  So I gave in.  I gave in and now I'm making another blanket.  That I don't really need.

You've seen a little glimpse of it around here lately.  I've been enjoying working on it out in the sun.

But, I was thinking you might like a better look?  Thought so!  Here you go, this is what I have so far...

It's going to be a mammoth blanket.  A great, big, huge blanket made out of teeny, tiny, little squares!  The squares are just regular old granny squares and I'm doing three rounds for each one and then joining as I go.  My current thinking on size will have me making somewhere in the region of 700 squares.  Cripes!

That isn't putting me off though, not yet anyway.  I guess time will tell how long that remains true but I hit 101 squares last night.   Still some considerable way to go, but like a runner in the early stages of a marathon, so far, I'm feeling good!

S x


  1. Wow, you have super hooky endurance! 101 ...well done.

    Fleur xx

    ps. you can never have too many blankets.

  2. Oh my I am so glad to hear that I am not the only one with urge's, I to have many blankets and dont need anymore but as I work on one more ideas pop into my brain..well at least I have kids I can use as excuse to make for..Love you blankets, and it looks like Stanley does to..keep on stitching..

  3. Lovely! What yarn are you using? Those colours are great, I love the petrol and mustard yellow in the last pic. And the dusty blue. Aaaand the grey. Aaaaaaand the faded blue in the background. Oh, and the red. And and and that little pop of green all the way to the right, there, hidden behind that ball of blue yarn.

    You know, it might be shorter to just say 'great colours'.

  4. That is going to be one beautiful blanket! I too am addicted to making blankets - well in actually I seem to half make blankets before I move onto the next one!

  5. I am totally the same. I have enough blankets, but I still cannot seem to get the urge to make them out of me. It's like some sort of drug. I have to finish one off that's almost done, yet, last night, I had a huge urge to start another, and now, I have a little pile sat in front of me, and so it goes on!

    I think we ought to start up a crochet blanket anonymous! ha ha!

    I love the blanket you made for Stanley. He certainly looks like he is making the most of it! Adoring the new one in progress too. It will be a complete stunner when it's done!

    Have a super long weekend!

    Vanessa xxx

  6. Hello sweet Sandra, Thank you for your very lovely comment! I see your sweet Stanley likes a nice placed to sit too! He is so handsome! I love the blanket you crocheted for him. It is very cheerful and pretty! Just the right size for your sweetie. I will have to make one for each of my doggies! You always inspire me! I love your granny squares too! You will have 700 before you know it! The colors are very pretty and it will make a beautiful blanket! Keep us posted with your progress! Have a very lovely weekend dearest! Love, Paula xo

  7. Lovely blanket Sandra, Stanley looks very happy with it! Loving to new one too, it's going to look fabulous!
    Victoria xx

  8. Lovely as always! And very beautiful. Now I also have the urge to make one too! Next to all the other urges I already have.
    But thanks for sharing your lovely ideas.
    Good luck with the endurance-blanket.
    Greetings Anita

  9. One can NEVER have too many blankets. :) I love them both! I thought I was doing a crazy job with a double bed-sized granny blanket... but 700 of those tiny squares? WOW!! It will (it already is) beautiful.

  10. WOOHOO!! ove it so far. I've been toying with the idea of 3-round grannies myself. What yarn do you use?

  11. Such a lovely little blanket

  12. oh sweet Stanley looks mighty comfy :)

    I so get what you mean, I'm a bit hooky and knitty obsessed myself :)

    Have a lovely weekend, Sandra!

    xo P

  13. Looking lovely! I am about to start a blanket for my Gram's dog as she is always cuddling up with the pillows and she doesn't want her there. Hopefully this blankie I am making will provide a nice distraction. We shall see....

  14. Love Stanley's blanket! I bought some black and white yarn a few weeks ago to make this blanket.....I fell in love with it too! My intention is to make a chequred flag blanket. Your squares blanket will be amazing.....I think I'm going to have to give in and make one of these too.....making blankets is so relaxing :-)
    Have a great weekend.
    Carole x

  15. Love both your blankets! x

  16. Lucky lucky Stanley!!
    Both blankets are beautiful and are making me want to make them!!

  17. have just discovered your pretty blog. your crochet work is lovely.
    stanley looks so blissful curled up on his new blanket, i think he knows it was made with love =^.^=

  18. 700 squares!! That will keep you quiet for a while. I love Stanley's blanket. It looks warm and cosy. Lily. xxx

  19. Sandra I love it! I have started the same blanket, but I could figure out how Tif joined the colors, so I am just making strips, and will join them differently!! I am newer to crocheting, so any advice I would love!! Your colors are so pretty!! Happy weekend! xo Heather

  20. I love the wee squares - it is going to be awesome!

  21. What a lucky Stanley - I love his blanket. Tif's OE blanket has always been one of my absolute favourites.

    Now repeat after me ... "my name is Sandra and I'm a crochet blanket addict"!!!

    Heather x

  22. Eu concordo que cobertores nunca são demais!
    É também o que eu mais gosto de fazer.

    Um Beijo

  23. Wow that's a lot of squares, you must have soooo much patience! Good luck with it - I made a blanket very similar a few months ago and was planning on around 200 squares - I got bored and I think it ended up at 88 :D because I couldn't be bothered to join anymore! I still need to finish the last round of the border actually... but anyway I love your colour choices and I LOVE your kitty blanket too! Jenny x

  24. Hey Sandra I reckon you can never have enough blankets, specially as each is soooooo different.
    They both look great
    Lol Karen x

  25. Lovely blanket!!! I love the colors :-) And the new project looks nice too! J.

  26. Ahhh bless his heart he seems thrilled with his new blankie, and who wouldn't be? It is lovely. xx

  27. I also loved this blanket when I saw it on Dottie's blog. I made one for a good friend and she loves it. It was a quick & easy & lovely project. That is so cute that Stanley now has his own. He should enjoy it because he can smell "you" on it. Love the little squares you doing now too. I think simple sometimes is just as pretty. Wishing you a great weekend!

  28. Lovely blankets both of them. My cat couldn't keep off of the blanket I was making for him while I was making it but isn't at all interested now! It can't be used for anything else as it is all pawed and clawed. Stanley looks gorgeous relaxing on his though. When I get round to making Dottie's blanket which I love, it will be for me not the cat.

    I've got a five round solid square granny on the go and I think I need nearly 400 of those. I'm sewing them together though, as I wanted them to sit really closely to each other. That takes a long time to do, row by row but I do love it. I made a scarf with 2 rounds and it took as long to sew together as crochet. Having said that, I think I like the sewing bit even more than the crochet.

  29. Spoiled little cat with that beautiful blankie. And the mini grannies will be epic, but a delight. Both lovely!

  30. Love your blankets and completely understand your fixation with blankets. BTW, no one can EVER have enough crochet blankets, believe me!!! Good luck with your hooky endurance! Keep us posted! xxx

  31. Oh boy, I feel urges now too. That tiny squares blanket looks so cute!

  32. I see your lovely blankets and I so have the urge to learn to crochet. Im finishing off a mamouth rag rug at moment but keep getting urges to stray.

  33. Ha! Ha! I have enjoyed this post and reading about your urges ...I really don't think you should fight against those sort of things it just causes frustration...I was glad to read later on in your post that you have given in to the obsession to keep at your blanket crochet and will be very keen to hear how you feel about making more blankets after this BIG big blanket project is complete...!!! Will it satisfy that urge?

    Amanda :-)

  34. Your addiction sounds perfectly healthy to me especially when it results in such delightful blankets as the one you have just rustled up for Stanley. What a fine cat; a blanket muse to be sure.


  35. Oh Sandra, I am loving both blankies!! I am sooo tempted to join you and make a tiny squares blanket as well! :-) xxxx

  36. Boa tarde, tudo bem?
    Entrei para conhecer seu cantinho. Gostei muito de tudo que vi. Parabéns o blog está lindo. Já estou seguindo. Depois passa lá no meu cantinho também, será um prazer, ótima semana pra vc, bjs