Hooray, hooray, it's a holi-holiday!

Well, we're back from our holiday. So why is it I feel like I still need one?

Not that it wasn't a lovely holiday.  It was very lovely and quite restful and relaxing too.  We went to Cornwall and despite the absolutely disasterous weather predictions before we went, we even got to enjoy a reasonable amount of sunshine.

The good thing about Cornwall is that there are two coastlines for you to choose from.  If the top has the best weather you can pick a beach along the top side.  If the bottom has the best weather, off you pop to the other side.  Such was our plan.  We eagerly watched the weather report each morning and then planned our destination for the day to ensure optimum chances of sunshine.

It worked pretty well too, as you can see from the pictures above.  That picture postcard view at the top there is Kynance Cove, just up a touch from the Lizard at the very tippy of the bottom toe.  There's quite a steep, winding route down to the beach but well worth it and stunningly beautiful.

We managed to avoid the worst of the weather until Thursday, when it caught up with us at Land's End.  It was a little blustery and even drizzly but we stuck it out in true British holidaying fashion and stayed until we had seen all that it had to offer.  A Pirates of the Caribbean show, two film 'experiences', a quest, a petting farm, a children's playground, the famous sign post, the 'End to End' exhibition as well as numerous shops and eateries and of course, the First and Last pub.  My my, things have certainly changed since my last visit!

Little Miss was very excited to visit Flambards again. She went last year with Nannie and Grandad and was pleased with the fact that she knew where everything was and took on the role of tour guide with much gusto.

We only really had one rainy day and that was the last one.  But, a meandering drive, some leisurely meals and the Board Games Olympics (me and LM in tied second place with 1 gold, 2 silvers and a bronze each) easily filled the time.

Isn't it a shame though that all that waits for you when you return home is the dreaded unpacking, a mountain of washing which turns into never-ending ironing and in our case, a dead fridge.

It's enough to make you long for another holiday...

S x


  1. Sandra, what a beautiful holiday you and your sweet family had!! Looks like such a wonderful place to be! So sorry about the dead fridge. Wishing you a lovely week! xo Heather

  2. It looks like you had a wonderful holiday. I enjoyed Cornwall so much when we were there in June. Unpacking, washing and a dead fridge. Not fun at all.
    Anne xx

  3. Welcome back! Nice to hear that you had such lovely days and thanks for sharing all these beautiful pics. It's too bad that your holidays resulted in such annoying things like the dead fridge.

  4. Wow amazing pictures Sandra but of course I know exactly what you mean. Just in case your interested I am having a great British inspired giveaway at mine which might be a cheery post holiday treat if your interested.
    Best wishes

  5. Looks like you had an absolutely wonderful time Sandra! Thank you for sharing your gorgeous photos!
    Victoria xx

  6. Hello Sandra
    Sounds to me that you have the post holiday blues.....common enough ailment I get it every year around about September when I get back from my hols. I suggest planning your next hols helps even if its next year.That and don't think just do....that works for me up until I get to the ironing and then a very dark mood sets in. I detest ironing.

    Love the photos and I can see you have had a fab time.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  7. Glad to hear you had a good time in Cornwall. We were there the week before you! I couldn't get over Lands End either!
    Carole x

  8. Hi Sandra,

    You have made me very jealous...how I wish for a week or two in Cornwall!!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend.
    Fleur xx

  9. Wonderful holiday photos, makes me long for our January beach holiday!

  10. Sandra you would have driven through Sennen (the village on the way to Lands end, with the first and last pub) that's where I grew up :) i live about 10 miles away now in Penzance. I'm so glad you enjoyed Cornwall :)
    Jessie, xo

  11. I absolutely know the feeling of returning from hols to feel like you still need one - the same is happening to me today after a week off work! Looks like you had a lovely time though. I always find best way to recover from post-hol blues is to start planning the next one!

  12. Your holiday looks great, i love all of the beautiful pictures.

  13. So excited to find this post!,,, it seems that I was also in Cornwall in August at the same time as you at lands end on that same rather wet day and I saw you with your eclectic granny bag pointed it out to my boyfriend and said that bag is soooooooo cool I have to find out how to make it! I found the pattern through your blog from a picture on Pinterest a few days after arriving home and pinned it for when I got the time to make the bag! That time has now come and as I studied you blog in more detail in order to make the bag I realise that it is your exact bag I saw in the first place in lands end that started off my inspiration thank you!!!!! Can't wait to make it and show off my bag inspired purely by you!