Tough act to follow

Wow, you guys just blew me away with your response to my last post!  I'm slowly getting back to you all but it seems like that the Giant Grannie Patches post will be a tough act to follow.  Some lovely people have even started a Grannie Patchwork CAL on the Ravelry 'I Love Lucy' Group which is so awesome.

The only thing to do seems to be to go in a different direction altogether and talk about sewing instead!

This is one of those ideas I've had kicking around in my head for a long, long time.  I can't remember where I first saw it.  I thought I had it pinned, but I can't find it now.  I think it was the very clever Hen House though, and there's one in this post here (near the end with the cat).

Wherever it was that started it, I decided now was the time to make my own.

I certainly need the practise with triangles, my accuracy is not what it should be.  This cushion has certainly highlighted that.  Still, I'm pleased with the overall effect.

I did the front while school was still on, but happily I managed to catch a few hours the other day to finish it off.  The first time I've used my new machine's button hole maker too.  I need not have worried, it was easy peasy but I'm always learning when I'm sewing, that's for sure.

And I'm very happy to see it sitting in my comfy, crafty, corner spot.  Making it look just a little tiny bit more inviting I think.

I really do love those 30's fabric prints, they are so darling and I think the white fabric between really shows them off so well

I also found a few stolen moments for some baby crochet.  A little hat and booties set for my new niece.

The hat pattern is The Shell Stitch Beanie by Dainty Daisy and the booties are Leila Baby Booties by Rachel Hunsaker.  I've had my eye on these patterns for so long, waiting for a baby to come along.

So good to have such an adorable reason to make them now.  Being an Aunty sure is grand!

S x


  1. This cushion is so pretty! Such lovely summery colours. The baby crochet is very sweet too! Lovely to see your summer makes x

  2. You are totally inspiring Sandra!! Thank you for inspiring us...Fiona xx

  3. Very pretty pillow! Those colors are so nice. And cute baby things.

  4. Beautiful as well. The triangles and colours work so well. I love your craft corner it's so calming. May I ask were you got that lovely basket?

    Helen xx

  5. All your things are lovely. Cute little bootees and a lovely cosy looking chair. I could never just knit or just crochet or sew - there are so many things needing all of these skills that are so lovely and I couldn't choose. I'm glad I can do them all! I've been tryin out knooking the last couple of days. It's a bit of a learning curve but after a bump or two, I'm doing ok with it and having fun.

  6. Oh gosh, more lovely makes!! Well done you - I don't know how you get it all done!! Loving the cute shoe type booties and in a cool colour so not too obvious - very stylish baby!! J9 x

  7. This egg-timer, or is it 'broken dishes' pattern is such a lovely one, isn't it? Triangles have such dynamism, and your fabrics are lush. A very pretty cushion, I love the contrast with the plain cream cotton.

  8. Your cushion is lovely, and that chair looks so comfy!
    I love your blog <3
    Sarah xx

  9. Beautiful cushion!! The baby booties and beanie are too sweet!! Love it!! Have a great week! xo Heather

  10. A beautiful cushion - I love those colours! Cute bonnet and booties! Best wishes, Pj x

  11. You must be happy with the result, the cushion is cute!
    Congratulations on your niece. a great gift!


  12. Again your creativity is so inspiring. The cushion is lovely. Thanks for getting back with me so quickly about your Giant Granny. I think you should start a Cherry Heart - we love Sandra Ravelry Group.

  13. Hello Sandra! As I see... you are really hardworking! Again lovely project, I love the fabrics! And new baby set... sooo sweet :-) Jolana

  14. I am so loving that Time-Turner Pillow! You say you need work on your triangles, but I don't think I could manage to make it look that good!

  15. Love the colours and your corner looks great. Might have a go at this myself with my duck egg blue - but I think you are right the white really makes it sing.

  16. Love it! And the colour palette is perfect. Looks like a great follow to me :D

    I see pinwheels, and I've heard it called cotton reels, funny how the same pattern can look so different depending on perception.

  17. The pillow looks great with the other patterns in that corner!

  18. Gorgeous cushion. In fact, everything about your blog is so lovely I have awarded you with One Lovely Blog Award.

    You can see more on my post

    Ruby x

  19. Beautiful cushion- it looks amazing.
    LOVE those little booties and the hat. Am checking out the links now ...
    Have a great week.

  20. All your projects are gorgeous, I love the cushion and it looks perfect on your armchair.

  21. Thanks for the sweet comment about my bootie pattern! I came up with the pattern when I was blessed with a baby girl. I'm so glad you love them too. :)


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