What's that sound?  That's the sound of the summer holidays speeding by!

At the beginning of the holiday me and my Little One went on a jolly trip to top up her craft supplies and find some holiday entertainment.

I had plans for finally sorting out the 'hanging up of copious supplies of art work' problem in Little One's bedroom as part of my ongoing PCH quest.  She was obsessed with glitter and stickers.  Each of us left very happy with our selections.

So far though, all we've managed to make use of from that rather glorious pile is a little painting by numbers.

This week we're already far too busy to craft because we're preparing for the annual family jaunt to the beach.  Then, when we get back it'll be a rather special little person's birthday so preperations for that will be in full swing too.

By the time we've (or I've) recovered from all that it won't be too long until September is knocking on our door and the 'summer' such as it has been will be over.  I'm already wondering where it went.

So, there'll be no post next week while we're off on our rainy, beachy holiday and I'll update you when I can after that.

Thanks for keeping reading and I hope you're all enjoying your summer (if you've got one)!

S x


  1. Enjoy your holidays!!!
    xxxx Alessandra

  2. Have a wonderful vacation!

  3. Oh I know, although I did have a moment (you know, in the middle of the witching hour!) where I realised that we were only in week 2 when I thought we were half-way through. I had a small moment of panic but now feeling calm again! Hope you find some crafting time in the next few weeks :) x

  4. Have a beautiful and fun vacation!! xo Heather

  5. Good luck in your continuing ambition to Keep Things Uncluttered! It is a daily battle with me...except on the days when I think...I'll worry about that tomorrow!

    It's amazing isn't it, just how fast we are whizzing through the hols...of course I already felt they were over when my 'lot' went back to New Zealand,,and that was right at the beginning! I think it's a combination of all the celebrations we've had, the Jubilee, the Olympics..and of course The Count Down to the Olympics...and the funny weather.

    Do you have a strange little feeling of ...almost relief...when September arrives and schools go back and everything slots back into normal routine? I do!

  6. Have a super lovely holiday Sandra!
    Victoria xx

  7. You can say that again....whizzzing by that they are....and back to routine in September grr!!!!

    Have a great holiday :-)

    Amanda :-)

  8. Very nice, thanks for sharing.

    Vico @ sewa mobil

  9. Hello, I've just found your blog and am reading it from the beginning. You have some lovely crafty items on here and I am very interested in your quest for a PCH! I like the idea of creating a 'hit list' to target. Have a lovely holiday, Abigail x