Getting back on track

Do you all remember, in the long, long distant past, I was working on making myself a Pretty Crafty Home?  Some of you liked the idea and were kind enough to join me too.  All was going well until July, when the school summer holidays hit!

I decided to take a break from PCH-ing for a month, planning to get back in the creative and homely spirit in August with some child friendly home makes.  Well, I didn't quite get there.

Lots of things filled the time instead.  First came in the lovely new arrival in the shape of my little niece.  Next, we planned lots of craftiness and then of course, there was the lovely holiday to Cornwall.  After that, there was a happy event to plan once we got home.

 It's always nice to get to be an honorary fairy for the day when you're seven after all.

We've had people to catch up with, jobs to do and maybe we even squeezed a little bit of slobbing around in too.  Although not nearly enough for my liking.  No repeat of those lovely lazy 8 o'clock starts that I enjoyed so much last year, unfortunately.  Why do children insist of waking so early?

Still, we did make a tiny step in the right direction.  Last week we finally managed to make a start on my grand plan for Little Madam's ever growing supply of artworks.

We'd managed to track down everything we needed in our big craft shop at the end of summer and it was very nice for us to sit down together and have some Mummy and Daughter crafty time together.

It's so much fun now that she's getting a little more confident of her own skills and creative ideas.  And I don't tire of these delightfully simple children's type crafts.  I mean, can you beat mixing up paint colours and getting your hands covered in colourful gloop?  Ok, so I tend towards being the 'lay down paper', 'don't mix the brushes' and 'keep things neat and tidy and clear up quick afterwards' kind of person, but still... mucky fingers is fun for a while

We haven't quite finished the final stages yet of our little joint project yet but pictures will be coming this way soon.

In the meantime, now it's September and I really need to get my PCH plans back on track.  There's still plenty of time left to make some differences around here and I don't want to waste a moment more of it.

I've already revised my vast list of Things To Do from a mammoth 63 items to a mere 14.  Most of them, I'm pleased to say, are crossed of because they're done, done, done!  Some I'm moving along to next year because time or money isn't going to allow or in some case maybe they were just plain too ambitious.  Still, they're staying on the list because maybe, one day...

I've also started to tidy up and clear out and get the house back in shape after the ravages of summer.  Little Madam's bedroom alone is turning into another gargantuan tidying task.  A birthday and an influx of delightful new gifts to house is largely to blame but I'm getting there.  I've got my revised list of tasks that I can realistically accomplish this year and I'm ready, fit, focused and raring to make more pretty things for my home.

What about you?  Do you need to get your PCH plans back on track too?  Maybe you want to revise your List, or have a little de-clutter?  Depending where you are in the world, maybe you want to get ready for Autumn, or is Spring putting cleaning more on your mind?

Whatever you want to do to get back on track, why not leave a comment and let me know your plan for September?

Or, meet me over at the PCH Flickr group and we'll compare notes there.

Either way, good luck everyone.

What to make a Pretty Crafty Home too?  It's not to late to join me and make some changes in your home too.

S x


  1. What wonderful moments you've shared with your daughter! I love the clips of clothing! Congratulations on this craft and so so pretty!

  2. I made some pegs like that a few weeks ago, they are lovely. Im decorating my babys nursery ready for his arrival into the world in December. Ive knitted cuddly toys, painted canvases and am I'm embarking on an alphabet border for his room. I love crafting and it keeps me focused. As got made redundant a few weeks ago.

  3. oh yes, the summer holidays were a bit of a shock to my system as well! I really need to get back on track with my PCH plans too......although I have had a good clear out and sold some stuff on a well-known auction site!!!!! x

  4. I too need to get my plans back on track after the summer and constant groundworks outside! Managed to get the little one a wardrobe and chest of drawers on Gum Tree yesterday so I am at least a step closer to finishing one room completley!


  5. Just gorgeous. Those pegs will always bring back such happy memories for you both xx

  6. Hello Sandra!!! Lovely pics! I like the pictures with clips for clothes. Nice palette of colors. It is something for my daughter :-)

    And what about my plans for september? I love to manage my free time and I often to do it, but... life is life... But in this time I would like to prepare some covers for school-books. My little daughter started the first class on the primery school :-)

    Have a nice September! :-) Jolana

  7. Oh I love the clothes pins idea. My fridge and freezer are covered in art work and 100% graded papers from school. This would work brilliantly for us. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Wow Sandra - you've been busy!! It's funny - I'm organising a small fairy party at home for my little girl who turns 7 on Friday!! I have glow stick wands and decorating biscuits on the agenda!! I spent the whole day clearing the contents of the large ikea unit in my lounge (the expedit type where everything is visible) either binning it, repositioning it somewhere else or displaying it again ;0)
    Lots of decluttering for me but I have some furniture makeovers started so once this party's over watch this space!! Enjoy! J9 x

  9. I love those pegs, they are adorable!
    It looks like your daughter had a wonderful time :D
    Sarah xx

  10. Such a sweet celebration, and I love the clips!! So fun!! Have a great week! xo Heather

  11. Those pegs are just so sweet!

    I need a bit more than a little de-clutter - quite a marathon declutter this autumn methinks!!


  12. I haven't PCH'd at all recently, but I'm still in! I won't be stopping at Christmas either, I plan to keep going until my house is done. It's going to be a long job as there is stuff that needs doing that requires money, and we don't have any at the minute!

  13. Loving the pegs Sandra, I had a go a those a while back, think I still have one or two lying around somewhere, but you've inspired me to make a whole new batch. On the PCH front have been decluttering a drawer or cupboard every few days, have a long way to go though!!!!
    Must put up a post of some cute finds in our church thrift shop that I bought & revamped, will put them in the flickr group too.
    thanks for the push to get back on track....have a sweet week
    Karen xx

  14. Love the PCH idea! You are off to a great start so far. Don't worry about having taken a break. Let's creativity breath fresh once more ;-)

  15. My PCH efforts seem a long way off now, life is just too hectic ... I'm barely keeping up with the house work. I always thought it would be easier to keep the house nice when the kids were as old as mine are now, i.e. just about all adult. No such luck! I'll try again soon, promise. And I still love to see what everyone else is doing :D

  16. I'm still keen to keep going with the PCH, I spent some time on Saturday writing a list and have a little finish to show. Thanks for the inspiration!