School sewing

Back during the summer holidays I did manage to get a little sewing done.  It feels a long time ago as it was right back at the start of the break.

But as we only just this summer got around to joining Little Miss to the local library, it was well timed as we've able to use it lots already.

It's on the reading theme, this first item, you see.  Namely, books and the transporting of.  My Little Madam is allowed to take out ten books at a time on a library trip.  Which seems an awful lot to me, but to give the girl her due, she's certainly been keeping pace with their way of thinking and has been racing through the volumes.

So a handy, dandy way of moving all these pages from A to B seemed to be called for and this is my answer.  The 'I Love Reading' book bag.

I put her name on the back too, which she adores.  So much so, that the back has become the 'official' front, according to her.

I also whipped up a little sleeve for her recorder to live in.  The plastic one it came with didn't last for very long, and at least this way she'll know which one is hers from the other side of the classroom.

I'm afraid it's only a very quick visit today, but at least you're a little more up to date with recent crafty events around here.

I do have lots more to share and so many ideas buzzing round my head dying to burst out that I feel like my brain might explode any day now.  Unfortunately at the moment I'm still struggling against the tide of 'things to do' frantically trying to get caught up enough to have time for anything else.  Hopefully now that a full week of school is finally here and regular routine is starting to return, the tide will start to turn and flow my way.

Until then, I'll just say that a new pattern is working it's way towards these pages... stay tuned!

S x


  1. What an adorable story and bag! We're in our third week of school here and I'm just starting to feel like a routine is settling upon us and I can craft again. Hang in there, the calm is coming. :)

  2. These are the cutest little bags I have ever seen! How very creative you are. What a sweet Mommy. It just gives me the warm fuzzies inside and out :)

  3. Such a lovely reading bag....and I adore the recorder bag too.....I still have my recorder (exactly the same as your daughters) in its original mustard colour bag.....haha, yours is far prettier!

  4. Absolutely love that recorder pouch - so pretty! Makes me want to dig my recorder out from the attic and make it a pretty pouch! (Yes, I still have my school recorder - I couldn't bear to part with it!) :o)
    Maria x

  5. How cute is that recorder bag?!? Not sure I can face doing one for our piano though... ;-)

  6. I think your little miss will have the prettiest book bag in the library.
    Lovely cover for her recorder too.

  7. Such sweet projects for your daughter!!! I really love the recorder sleeve!!!
    xxxx Alessandra

  8. Love the sweet tote and recorder bag! Too adorable! Have a great week! xo Heather

  9. Lovely sewing! Nice and practical :-) J.

  10. What gorgeous makes for your daughter. Love 'em!
    Anne xx

  11. Your school sewing is just wonderful. So pretty and useful too!

  12. These are so beautiful! I adore the book bag and I would have been so proud to have such a lovely recorder case at school. Your daughter's very lucky.
    Abigail x