Splashing out

That's exactly what I've been doing folks, splashing out.  Treating myself, having a little spend.  A little bit naughty this close to Christmas?  Possibly.  A little bit unwise?  Maybe so, but I can't be doing with being wise all the time.  It wears me out.

So, I have  indulged just a teeny, tiny bit.

Firstly, whilst out shopping for the season I mentioned earlier, I chanced across these little chappies...

Aren't they just too adorable?  They're from John Lewis and I had seen them some time ago, in a magazine or blog or someplace and drooled over them at the time, but funds just didn't permit.  In fact funds shouldn't really be permitting now either, but it's too late because I've got 'em!

I also got these pretty coloured spoons too.  They're those lovely Rice melanie ones that I keep seeing everywhere too and until now I couldn't think of a single reason to get any.

But seeing them in the sale was too much and after the sudden inspiration that my Little Miss could take them to school to use for yoghurts, jelly and other such spoon-fed delights, they were snapped up pronto.  Mr P barely murmured so I figure I have got away with it.

Lastly, and most excitingly, I have fabric!

Isn't it lovely?  Cute, bouncing deer, pretty flowers and I love the scotty dogs.  I even stuck a little festive note in too.  My absolute favourite though are the darling bunny rabbits.

I have to get them sitting, hopping and leaping on something very soon.  I don't have a clue what I'll make with them yet but I can't wait.

These fabrics are all from Messy Jesse's brand new shop Sew and Quilt.  I  was so excited when Jessie announced that she was going to be opening a shop because I have followed her blog for quite a while now and not only does she have a beautiful home and make beautiful things, she also has superb taste in fabrics.

So once the figurative doors of her new shop had opened, I bounced through them and spend some pleasurable time wandering the virtual shelves.  I wasn't wrong, there was some delightful stuff to behold, just the sort of thing I like best.  Nice 30's prints, a bit of Liberty, some vintage bundles too.  Heaven.

I even got a treat within a treat when the parcelled arrived, as I opened it up and found that Jessie had enclosed an extra bundle of fabric goodness.  A delightful surprise for being one of the first few customers of this fledgling shop.

I think you can tell that I'm quite excited about this.  It's not always an easy task, in this country, to track down those pretty prints that seem to be so easily available on the other side of that vast ocean we call the Atlantic.  So, having another potential source for such things over here does fill me with glee I have to admit.

So much so, that when Jessie muted the idea of sponsorship of my blog, I was only too pleased and willing to agree.  It's a new step for me, something I've never done on the blog before.  But, as I wish Jessie every success and as it's something I'm already genuinely enthusiastic about, it seemed like the right choice.

So you'll now find this cute little button living happily on my sidebar, waiting and willing to whisk you off to Jessie's shop at a moments notice.  I don't know if you have visited it yet, but if you haven't, I do urge you to take a moment to check it out.

Why not give it a little press now in fact?  It's looking very promising over there and I know I won't be able to keep away!

S x


  1. Great fabrics! Love them! Liz

  2. Ooh, what great finds! Love those little measuring cups and the lovely fabrics. And I've just popped in to Messy Jesse's shop... drool.. Now just need to decide which of the lovely fabrics I "need" the most ;-)
    Thanks for the link,

  3. The measuring cups are gorgeous and they will be worth every penny. I have had some ugly plastic ones for years now and I use them every single day. So much easier than scales for many things and off course for all those American muffin recipes.

  4. What have you done!! :)))) BEAUTIFULL fabrics! You have openned the Pandoras's box to me! And the mesure cups! SO cute! xx

  5. OMG I love those measuring cups!!! How cute!!
    Spoons are cute too, would love a set to have as coffee spoons.
    Mmm fabric!

  6. What lovely treats! We all need some from time to time ;-) the fabric is beautiful, glad to hear someone else who can't resist buying it even when you're not too sure yet what it will end up in! Will need to go check out that new shop now... Have a lovely week!

  7. Congratulations on your first sponsor! Loving those fabrics, and the birdy measuring cups are absolutely delightful ... I wonder if they do mail order ;)

  8. Love what you treated yourself to! The measuring cups and spoons are too cute!! Such pretty and sweet new fabrics from Jessie!! xo Heather

  9. Really like your "birds"!!! :oD
    I even visited both the blog and the shop of Jessie!!!
    xxx Alessandra

  10. I just love ALL your new purchases and I'll be popping over to have a look at the online shop you recommended. Thank you! :)

  11. Gorgeous buys Sandra! Love the gorgeous fabrics!
    Victoria xx

  12. Hi Sandra, I've just popped across to Sew and Quilt ...hmmmm, rather fancying some of those Liberty fabrics...not that I NEED any, of course!

    Love your measuring birdies, I treated myself to a set of cup-ckae measuring cups from Next labout this time last year...as a treat for buying all my girlie friends their presents early.(Not like me, I'm always last-minute!) So enjoy your little treats, go on!

  13. Hello dear,
    My name is Vera and I just know your blog, loved ... so nice to see Arteiras prendadas around the world ... and you crushes, both as croche ... I seams hours to stroll through your blog, a true inspiration ... Following, course, and I will always be here ...


  14. How funny - I've got those measuring cups, and I was looking at them the other day thinking how I should put a pic of them on my blog! I got them for Christmas two years ago, before I started blogging. I love them, they are the cutest thing ever - you definitely deserved to treat yourself! I've also been hankering after those Rice spoons - but had the same thought that I couldn't think of a good reason to get them!

    Enjoy your treats!

    Maria x

  15. Thanks for leading me into temptation :) I have just ordered some of the darling little bambi fabric, some scottie dogs and the the bunnies. Might just toddle over to john Lewis now and investigate their measuring cups - I think my girls would love a set of them for christmas. :)

  16. Oh my! I would have bought the measuring cups too!! Just so you know, I now have measuring cup envy.

  17. Sandra, your new cups are sooo sweet!!! I hope... good helpers in your kitchen :-) :-)

    And fabrics... oh, lovely! Adorable prints.

    Have a nice time, Jolana

  18. Found your blog via Ravelry yesterday. Love, love, love the measuring cups so much that I have just ordered some this morning even though I have some perfectly good metal ones these are so much prettier. I just need to clear a shelf to display them.