Churning them out

 Another in the line of planned Christmas presents can now be ticked off the list.  This one took me a day to make.  Just one day, but it was long and slightly arduous in places.

The fabric picking was fun and the arranging and piecing of the dresden was fun.  Of course, that's the bestest bit.  But the bag itself?  A little more tricky.

 It was those pesky corners that did it, well, those and lining it too.  I've never made a tote style bag before and no doubt things would have gone a whole lot smoother and easier if I'd followed a tutorial, but for some unknown reason I didn't.  I think I thought I had it all figured out.

Famous last thoughts!  It wasn't so bad really, just a bit more fiddly and time consuming than I'd wished for.  Still, now I've done one, maybe next time will be easier.

Maybe next time, I'll find that tutorial before I start.

 But, it turned out ok I reckon.  This pressie is for my other lovely Nanny.  She's a poppet to buy for because she always likes to have a nice haul of Marks and Spencer's bath and body creams.  This year I thought I'd spice things up with a nice bag to present them all in.

As an added bonus she can use it as a little shopping bag afterwards.  They're always handy in these bring-your-own, re-useable, bag-for-life days that we are living in.

Pretty and with purpose, what could be better?

S x


  1. I've been reading your blog for a while but haven't commented before - bad me! Your bag looks wonderful but, if I may be so bold, I'm wondering if a bag with boxed corners might be easier to make than one with separate pieces for the sides and bottom like you've done. Here's a link to one which you might like -

    I just read that back and it sounds incredibly cheeky and even rude. I don't mean it to sound that way at all. I'm hoping to be helpful! *blush*

  2. I think you did a great bag!!! Without a tutorial!!!! you are really talented!!
    xxx Ale

  3. Soooooooooooo lovely and elegant color :)
    Well done dear :)

  4. Está lindo.
    De certeza que os próximos vão ser mais fáceis.

    Um Beijo

  5. Gorgeous, absolutely lovely, sweet fabrics & a great design
    Karen x

  6. Gorgeous choice of materials - your nan is going to feel really proud carrying that bag.

  7. Oh goodness... I'm completely swooning over that bag. Whoever is getting that as a gift is a very lucky gal! Thanks for sharing! J9 x

  8. Very pretty colors and design. Well done!

  9. Stopping by from Marie's. The bag is great. I know I'd use it all the time.

  10. Ficou muito linda essa bolsa!!! E os tecidos escolhidos foram perfeitos. Parabéns!

  11. Wow, there is so much inspiration on your blog lately, I love all the Christmas gifts you are making! Wendy xx

  12. Sandra, it is really sooo nice bag!!!

  13. We wouldn't have known you had trouble with the corners if you hadn't said, it looks beautifully made :D

  14. So pretty, and I love the dresden!! ;) xo Heather

  15. Your bag is adorable!
    What a precious gift.
    Sincerely. Trish

  16. It's really lovely and good on you for figuring it out sans tutorial! I just ordered an Amy Butler pattern to make purses for my daughters for Christmas 2013 (yes...I plan a year ahead!) This tote is super cute too and I will most likely add one like to my gift making list!

  17. Very pretty bag. I love how the bags turned out. What a great gift.


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