Unexpected outcome

I had a lovely treat a few weeks ago.  My darling hubby brought me a brand new coat.  Aren't husbands just lovely when they do things like that?

I'd been coveting one I saw on the Seasalt website, a pretty patterned mac that caught my eye.  But it was  a little pricey and I was loathe to commit that much money on something I hadn't even seen in the flesh.  So I decided to pop to  my local John Lewis and see if they had one in the Seasalt outlet there.  

They didn't as it happened, but they did have another very delightful velvet coat there which I loved at once.  (Despite completely overlooking it online.)  It was gorgeous in colour, a sort of chalky aubergine shade and looked wonderful on.  All thoughts of patterned macs flew out of the window as I decided that if Santa was kind and brought me some Christmas pennies this year, I would spend them on this wonderful coat.

 It was at this point where Mr P surprised me with his 'we can get it now if you like' comment.  Generous, unexpected and wonderful.  Not only that, but I ended up with something completely unlike my plan, but still completely wonderful.

Once I was home with my fabulous purchase, I had a sudden inspiration for a pair of mitts.  I made these colourful mittens back at the beginning of the year and not only did I have plenty of yarn left over, I also had a vague recollection of picking up some extra colours, just because... well, just because.

I quickly checked through my stash and yes, sure enough a pretty pink and a precious purple were sitting right there, looking just perfect to go with my new coat.  I had my idea all ready and so set to work.  A little swatching, lots of colouring little squares on a computer screen until things looked right and then the needles were in motion.

I was so, so excited about these little mitts, I thought they were going to be the most perfectly perfect things I had ever created.  I was going to wear them every day, get admiring glances everywhere I went, write up the pattern and sell a million copies.  Or something like that.

But I have to confess, despite numerous adjustments and re-knits, these darlings are still in the tweaking stage.  They are too long and baggy around the fingers and I'm not happy with the thumbs.  I love them still but, I sadly admit, they just aren't right yet.

Undaunted, I plan a re-knit.  I've made some more adjustments and I think this draft could the one.  We'll see how that pans out when I get around to it.

But, newsflash!  Just today, I had a major brainwave!  Why do these have to be mitts?  They could be gorgeous, wonderful, cozy wristies.  It's not what I planned, but it could be wonderful.

You see, I do love fingerless mitts these days.  I wear them until it gets too cold, like now, and I have to tuck in my thumb and fingers all up inside while I walk along.  So, my thinking is, why have a thumb hole?  I can wear them further up my arms when it's a bit warmer or when indoors and then pull them down more over my hand and fingers to stay warm outside.

This time it's the idea of the century, I know it!

Goodbye for now Mulberry mitts, we may see you again soon.

What about you?  Do you prefer to wear wristies or fingerless mitts?

S x

PS:  The yarn is Rowan Fine Tweed, in case you were wondering.


  1. I love the colours and the pattern of your fingerless mitts! I'll bet they'll look good with your new velvet coat! What a nice husband too!

  2. I prefer fingerless mitts, but of course our winters are not that cold! Yours are so beautiful. I hope you can figure out the perfect fit.

  3. I love wrist warmers and think they would be perfect to go with your coat, I love the colours - hope a little rework solves the problem. I had a wrist warmer obsession a few weeks ago and knitted quite a few pairs :)

  4. I live in my Runrig muffatees, which are fingerless mitts by another name, the aran weight ones for dog walking, and the dk ones for smart/if it's too cold in the house. That it's my own pattern is a bonus. Keep tweeking ... you'll get there :)

  5. Those are so pretty. I just love the colors. I don't wear fingerless mittens, preferring regular old gloves and mittens when it's really cold. Probably because I'm hot most of the time these days:)

  6. I'm going to be making the 'wristies' for Christmas pressies (along with matching scarves) You can always put on a pair of gloves and put the wristies over if it is really cold outside
    PS....your colors and pattern are yummy!

  7. Your mitts are gorgeous - love the colours! I'm currently addicted to knitting Erika Knight's cabled wristwarmers - they are sooo easy to make and snuggly cosy.
    Have a lovely weekend and enjoy wearing your new coat.. it certainly is cold enough here!

  8. I do love wrist-warmers - I have been making very simple ones for my Fairs - just straight with the hole in the side seam for the thumb - some tweed, some decorated with beads, buttons etc., and have been amazed at how many pairs I have sold - one elderly lady ordered a pair in manly khaki-green tweed for her husband who has his computer in his shed and needed to keep snug while surfing the net! The colours of your mits are beautiful - I think you must have another go!

  9. I love anything that keeps my hands warm!!!! I love fingerless mitts (over gloves if it's really cold) but have also been assured that wristies make a huge difference to your warmth. Personally, I've never found the right pattern/size/something to really click with me. One day I'll invent my own I think!!!! I love the colour you've used in these! x

  10. You'll have to take post a picture for us showing your new coat and mitts together. I'm sorry your not in love with the pair you made. They are really pretty. I've never worn wristies before...maybe I'll have to knit up a pair and give them a try :) I've knit lots of fingerless mitts as gifts, but never made a pair for myself. I keep meaning too :)

  11. I prefer fingerless mitts. I'm still trying to get the thumb correct. They always seem too short and I'm constantly pulling them up! I love yours and hope you will be doing the pattern for them soon. I'd LOVE to knit up a pair, baggy top and all.