Did I make a Pretty Crafty Home?

Yes, I think for the most part, I did.

Goodness me, i's hard to believe we are now coming to the end of the year in which I decided to make a pledge to make my home a nicer, happier and craftier home to live in.  The Pretty Crafty Home, or PCH project has been a great motivator for me and I hope it has been for those of you that joined in too.

I've achieved a lot this year.  Not everything I wanted to perhaps, but really I can't feel too badly about that when I look around and feel happier in my own home.  There's always next year too...

I thought I'd have a little look back at what I've done this year and share some of my favourite bits with you.

Most Fun

Has to be this great project that me and The Little One worked on in the school holidays.  Easy enough for both of us and as simple or creative as we wanted to be.  It was great.

Most Easy

Making over these box files was a walk in the park.  A lick of paint, a little decoupage and a splash of Mod Podge.  Done in a day.

Most Work

Without a doubt it was the decision to wallpaper over the dreaded red wall in the dinning room.  I updated the curtains and made new curtain ties too, so there was plenty to get on with.  Absolutely worth it though.

Most Proud

These chair covers were the hardest and consequentially the thing I'm most proud of.  In fact I really still can't quite believe that I managed it even now!

My Favourite

My favourite make of the whole year has to been these thrifty curtains that I made from some salvaged bedsheets and cut up old duvets.  It's the perfect type of PCH project, thrifty, recycled, repurposed and home made through and through.

What about you?  What's your favourite project been?  If you'd like to leave a link in the comments, I'm sure we'd all love to come and check it out.

For me, this year has shown me that if I put my mind to it, I can make things happen and make a difference around here so I'm not stopping just yet.  There's still things on the list waiting to be done after all.

I hope you've enjoyed coming with me on this pretty crafty journey and that you'll keep up the good work next year and in the years to come too. 

(If you'd like to see more PCH projects, click here to see all the posts in the category.)

S x


Gertie Leigh said…
Wow! What a fab year's worth of projects. Very inspiring.
Sandra said…
Yes, you did indeed make a very lovely crafty home!I just love your crafting room! I remember when you were working on that and you've done a marvellous and very pretty job!
Nastenka said…
Oh, everything looks so nice! You did a great job!
Cindy said…
You really did accomplish a lot! Everything looks great!
cristina said…
Hi, Sandra! For me the most fun this year was the creation of the blog. Hard work if you do not know much computer (this happens to me) but at the time it was the discovery of a new world. The most wonderful thing was meeting people like you, one of the great artists, crafts, crocheting, sewing ... I've learned so much in a few months ... and I still have much to learn ... I see beautiful things every day online and thanks to people like you I grew as a person, I've learned some new techniques and above all, have with you a great source of inspiration. Million thanks for everything, Sandra! By the way, I love the craft of painting and decorating needles hanging clothes. Congratulations for your blog! And, once again, THANK YOU!
Becky said…
WOW! What a happy cheery home you've made! Gorgeous :)
VintageVicki said…
Wow you have achieved loads in the year - its looking good :)

You're putting Kirstie to shame ;)
vintage grey said…
So beautiful, and the curtains are my favorite, too! So pretty! xo Heather
I like the idea of pledging to make a happier home. I think the curtains are my favourite too, they're gorgeous! Heather x
Sam Roberts said…
How wonderful your home looks, quite an inspiration! I love the thrifty curtains too, well done. I'm looking forward to your 2013 makes!
Stasa Lynn said…
You did inspire all of us..... I came in a little late - but I was able to at least start working on my pretty crafty home.... your projects are so much fun and I am glad to have found you this past year!

Thank you so much!
Jolana said…
Oh, Sandra... this year is really creative for you! I like your new chair covers! It is really good job :-)
And what about me? I started to crochet in this year and I started with quilt for my little son. I started and I finished. Than I made a quilt for my daughter, cover for our old stool... I love crocheting and it is my passion of this year :-)
Have a lovely Advent time, Jolana
Susan said…
Looks like you nailed it! Drooling over that chair! Your house looks the future house living in my head :)
Well done - you certainly achieved a lot of home loving during this year!! It's been lovely to share your makes on your blog. I have been improving my home (in a thrifty, upcycling way this year) and my favourite makeover has certainly been my table and chairs.
My favourite makeover of yours is definately your patchwork chairs - I've coveted them from afar ;0) J9 x
Lily said…
Well done for achieving so much. The chair cover definitely looks the trickiest. Hope you can continue with more goodies next year.
LinenandRoses said…
Love those curtains. I love this Pretty Crafty Home idea and I think I may try to set myself a similar project for next year. There are so many things I still want to achieve in our house. Fiona x
Dinki Dots said…
You've done so many beautiful things!! You've definitely made a pretty crafty home! My favourite thing I made was my african flower cushion. (http://dinkidots.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/finally-at-long-last-what-took-you-so.html)
It was a great pledge to be a part of! Although, I feel I should have done more... but I guess there is always going to be more to do!
Maria x
Mrs. Micawber said…
Wow, those curtains and the chair cover are beautiful - and that wallpaper is wonderful. Love those cheerful clothespins too!
Renae said…
You've certainly done some lovely things. For me this year ended up being more about decluttering and rethinking how everything is stored. Next year I'll work on the pretty part!
Rêve de souris said…
Bravo! C'est vraiment très reusii!
Christine B. said…
Hello Sandra, I think you have done a great job and I think it is a marvellous idea to set yourself goals to get aim for with crafting. I find it is very easy to get side-tracked and lots of ideas take shape but not a lot actually gets made. Well done for completing all these lovely project. My favourite is your patchwork chair. I love it!!
knitstitchsew said…
I think answer is yes! What a PCH! I love the patchwork chair cover. The thing i'm most proud of this year are the knitted bridesmaid shrugs I was comissioned to make by a friend. They were my first ever paid for comission and the bride was thrilled with the result.
Verity x
Did you make a pretty crafty home? Absolutely!!
AnaMB said…
I like it all, but my favorite is your patchwork chair - love the design, the fabric, colors :D
tammy said…
You are so talented! Definitely puts a smile on my face in this cold weather. I just started my own blog. Do you have any suggestions for me on how I can get followers? I would appreciate any advice. Thanks
Your pretty crafty home is wonderful, you sure have done a lot. I think that making my home a PCH might be one of my resolutions for 2013:)
You did make a pretty crafty home and also inspired us so much. I have loved reading your posts on this and seeing the beautiful things you have made for your home. Although my list is a slow process, I am still keen to complete it in the new year, hugs Wendy xx
Ana BC said…
Thank you SO MUCH for inspiring us all this year to make a Pretty Crafty Home. You really mae some wonderful improvements. My progress was not as I had wished for, but I am happy with what I could accomplish. And I am still encouraged to keep going the next year. Thanks again for the inspiration!!!
Sue said…
Oh you've done so well Sandra your home is looking gorgeous! My favourite makeover this year? Oh I'm not sure but I think the chest of drawers I bought at the tip has to be the best!
aLittleBlonde said…
Wow well done, you've achieved so much this year! Your house looks absolutely beautiful! When I have a house of my own if it looks nearly half as pretty and crafty as your I will be one very happy bunny. Keep up the good work xx