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 The time has come, Dear Ones, to tell you of my plans for the year.  I'm quite excited about it all and I hope you will be too.

Last year, as you probably know, because I kept banging on about it, I decided to dedicate the year to making myself a Prettier, Craftier Home.  If you're new around these parts and/or you fancy it, you can read all about it here.  So many of you have been so kind and supportive of my little homely efforts and I'm so glad many of you decided to play along with me.

In fact, a lot of you have told me that you are planning to play along this year too, so much so I'd decided to keep the PCH Page in place so anyone who wants to join in this year can do just that.  Also, the Flickr PCH Group will remain open, so you can share pictures of your progress and egg each other on that way.

For my part, I'll be playing along too, albeit in a much quieter and 'off-blog' kind of way.  I'll still be cleaning and decluttering this month and the list of jobs around the home is growing longer again.  I'll keep you up to date with any crafty makes of course, but there'll be no regular monthly posts as before.

So what of this year? Well, for quite a few months now I've been wanting to find more time to work on my own patterns and more tutorials.  I have lots of notes lounging around in notebooks that have never been typed up.  I have pictures languishing in cyber folders, just crying out for directions to be added and on top of all that, I have many more embryonic pattern ideas floating around in my head waiting to be nurtured into life.

It's high time I made more time for these neglected notes and tentative tutorials of mine and so that is my plan for this year.

So, where do you come in?

Well, I'd like your input too.

I quite often get comments or emails asking me where I found this pattern or how I made such and such thing and lately I've been telling you all, that it's a pattern I'm planning to write up or a tutorial I'm planning to post.  So here's your chance to tell me which ones should be at the top of the list.

Which thing did you want to know how to make?  What's the most popular?

The pictures in this post, for example, are all items on my list waiting for attention, but maybe you've seen something else somewhere on this little blog of mine that caught your eye?  Don't be afraid to let me know.

How will it work?

My plan is this...

1.  Peruse my blog, look through my projects, trawl my archives, what was that one thing that you wondered how to do?

2.  Leave me a comment on this post telling me what your hearts desire. (Or send me an email - the link is on the left at the top.)

3.  The top 5 ideas will be entered into a poll on this blog, where each month you'll get the chance to vote for your favourite.

4.  I shall deliver the poll winner!  (Barring natural disaster, family crisis or a case of the sniffles etc,)

Small print: The only clause in all this is that obviously I can only write up patterns and give directions for ideas that came from my own little brain.  Anything that came for another will obviously not be something I can expand upon, so any of those requests will have to be discounted.  (Although I'm happy to direct you to the relevant pattern/tutorial/blog that I used.)

Go to it my friends, I shall very much look forward to seeing what tickled your fancy!

S x


  1. Hello Sandra

    I LOVE all of your work, but especially crochet and hexies, so I will go with the flow.

  2. Ooohh, Sandra my vote is for the pink baby's bobble hat you made for your niece, with the intarsia snowflake design. And tips for intarsia knitting, thank you, Sam xx

  3. Well, I would absolutely love you to write up the pattern for that scarf at the bottom. I adored it the first time you posted it and would love to have a try at it.

  4. Oh my! I've admired so many of your projects! This will be a toughy *grin* I accept the 'challenge' of going back over your archives <3

  5. I love all the projects you do, but if I need to chose...I´d love to make one of those pin cushions with the African flower. So lovely!!!
    Ana BC

  6. Oh - what a wonderful idea Sandra! I look forward to seeing what everyone votes for :) x

  7. I really like the flower chain from the 2011 mosaic.

  8. Great idea! I will browse around and pick my favorites that I would love to make. That scarf/shawl of yours is one big favorite of mine (I have that picture on my desk top for inspiration... as I am not active on Pinterest...) but I am sure I can find more projects.

    Another question off this subject. How did you add that Instagram thingy in your left hand bar? It looks great. I want one like that too. :D

    Love everything you do. Wish I could join your PCH as I am in desperate need for it but I am not sure of where to start or where to find the time for something like that... We'll see. Looking forward to hang around here a lot in 2013.

  9. That's such a great idea!
    I personally think you're knitted scarf with the dangly bits will be a huge success! It's one of those simple to make (I guess) but so very beautiful (and functional!) to wear patterns! The endless possibility of color combining is a great extra! That's my vote :-)

  10. I would love to try my hand at that multi-colored scarf-shawl, I just love how it looks, but I suspect it is knit. (not my best crafty talent). But, if it isn't too complicated, I don't know. Somehow I managed to knit a bunch of Basketweave scarves, about 20 years ago. But for whatever reason once I put the needles down and went back to crochet, well, I just never picked the needles up again.

  11. Hi Sandra! I would love to see a tutorial for your little phone and gadget cases.

  12. Hi Sandra and Happy New Year.... I think we would all be blessed with any thing you decide to put into print!

    Have fun and can't wait to see your first offering!

  13. Sandra, I love all that you do, and would be happy to see any of your pretty creations as tutorials or patterns!! Have a great week! xo Heather

  14. I love all your crochet work. I'd love to have a tutorial for those pretty flower baskets you did in 2011. I saw them on your year's mosaic and I don't think that they were part of a blog post.
    I love it that everyone would like patterns for different things! I wonder if we shall see them all?! I love anything that it's crochet. I don't sew and knit rather rarely.
    Looking forward to any crochet tutorials this year. I always love your patterns and colour choices!

  15. Hi Sandra, Would love to see a tutorial for your adorable phone case. Dying to make one of those. :) Sarah

  16. Sandra, I have already contacted you about the darling pin cushion in the vintage prints. I love all of your creations and am inspired every time I come to your blog! Thanks for planning to have more tutorials and patterns this year! Can't wait to see what will be first!

  17. Hello Sandra, it is good idea!!! You made many lovely things! I really like your dresden plates, but you made lovely pattern. So, maybe... crochet bag? :) J.

  18. My two favorites are the knitted stripe scarf at the bottom of this post, and the darling crocheted pin cushions at the top! It's delightful to visit your blog...thank you!

  19. Dear Sandra, I really enjoy reading your blog and love all that you make. In fact it was looking at all the lovely crocheted items which made me want to have a go at crocheting again after MANY years and I'm now 'hooked' again!! I would love to see a pattern for some little crocheted pots with flower decorations. They appear in the March 2011 mosaic which I got to by clicking on one of the mosaics you posted of projects in 2012 and then scrolling down. Thank you!

  20. I'm so happy you decided to leave the PCH page up. I hope I can spend some time working on our home this year. I already have plans for painting and whatnot, but it's the crafty little additions I would like to work on most. I love all of your little crochet projects and the little dresden plate coasters and placemats really caught my eye! I hope I can make some soon! Can't wait to see what else you decide to make tutorials for =D

  21. I´d also love to make one of those pin cushions with the African flower.

  22. No. 1 choice for first is the pin cushion. I will browse more later and add to it. Thanks for asking!

  23. I would love a tutorial on everything you do. You do amazing work. I do love that pincushion so cute.


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