A Busy Break

This is what my half-term looked like.

It also looked like this....

We seemed to be busy this week.  Lots of visiting, lots of swimming and lots of jigsaws.  There was even some time to fit some crochet in.  There's always time to fit some crochet in.

The soft pink stuff in the basket is my current hooky pleasure.  Just a peak for now though as it's going to be a new pattern and it's all still in the 'working out' stages.  I'm exciting with how it's progressing so far though.

That exciting box of pretty squares, which I know you'll want to hear about, isn't actually mine.  They all belong to my talented little sister, (@tinylittlesquares) and she has grand plans for a fabulous blanket made with those teeny beauties.  We've been having great fun trying out different arrangements.

Just a short and sweet one today but I have some good news, the Stripy Mitts are nearly ready to unleash on you.  Hopefully next week...

Oh, and spam comments are driving me crazy again, I'm getting millions of the blighters which Blogger doesn't seem to realise are spam any more.  I have a hatred of the 'word verifier thingy', so I am experimenting with other options.

If you fancy testing out my fancy new 'Disqus' comments box to see if it works ok for you, then that'd be grand.  Any problems, use the email link in the sidebar (top left) and let me know.  It's on probation for now so we'll see how it goes, for me and for you!

S x

PS:  I've already been advised that there could be a problem commenting if you are using Internet Explorer.  If that's the case for you then please do drop me a line by email or on the Facebook page.


Looks like a busy and fun half-term. And also looks like talent runs in the family! So looking forward to seeing the soft-pink crochet laid out in all it's glory!!!!
Glad you've had tie to crochet over half term. Me too! :)
It's been super busy here this week too :-) your pictures are lovely as always! I've heard a lot of bloggers getting spam lately - everyone has been turned the word verifier on, which is just annoying! This one seems to be working okay though :-)

Hope you weekend is a great one!
Sarah xx

PS this works fine on my iPod :-)
I love seeing the new blanket you're working on, it's so pretty!
Hi sweety. Yea looks like you were busy. We are on break from home school till Tuesday. I figure they can get whatever they had out of their system. Next Wednesday we are coming back at it with full force lol. We loads of swimming had their best friend over for two days lol. I was able to crochet too. I picked on your sister's instagram and that is lovely looks like fun. Did not know you had a whittle baby so cute:) Mine are 14 and 9. :( I miss them being babies waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I see you got something crocheted there and it's looking nice. I love that colorful squares. Every time come to visit you I want to start something new. You always just know how to cheer me up;) Ok hubby summons me. Talk to you again soon. Enjoy those babies:) I am having no issues with commenting here.
Busy or what!! yummy little squares and they look wonderful made up for the blanket
a colourful break!!!! lovely!
xxxx Ale
Oh a swimming suit! That makes me want summer all the more (we got a few more inches of snow today) *sigh*
Your crochet looks yummy as always! I have quite the stash leftover from my latest afghan. I'm thinking looks of granny squares will make me happy *grin*
And 'POO!' on the nasty spammers!
Ooh, I think I am in love with the "soft pink stuff"! I am sooo curious about it! :-) xxxx
What adorable little chubby hands! We're doing 'Beauty and the Beast' jigsaws at the moment but it so annoys me that Disney products are pounds more expensive than anyone else's. They should be giving them away! Hurry up with your new pattern - itching to see finished project which is in a most 'wantable' colour! Have a good weekend. x
Sounds like you have had a lovely family chilled out week x
A sweet but busy week! Wishing you a most lovely and crafty weekend! xo Heather
a lovely post with lovely pictures. Nicolexxx
Your pictures remind me of my week only I am daydreaming of crochet projects and finishing up some knitting and a quilt.
Just to tell you that when I tried to see the comments (nevermind send one), I got a message to tell me that my browser wasn't supported and listed those that were. The list included Internet explorer 9 - which is the one I use (a million percent sure of that.) 1E9 is my usual default browser but I have firefox installed also and it seems to be working ok on here. Also, can't email you as I don't have my computer linked to any email - don't know how and use hotmail usually. Your email address isn't provided (just the link) so couldn't tell you about the problem I had, if I hadn't had firefox as well. I expect that will be the same for some other people too.
Thanks very much for letting me know about this, it's very helpful. Plus, if IE isn't going to work with it, that's going to be a major problem. Hmpf!

S x
Loving the 'soft pink stuff' - can't wait to see it in all it's glory. Happy Half Term xx
Delicious crochet !!! :) x

Looks like you've had a lot of fun! Those jigsaws look fab! I'm getting so many anonymous spam comments now, it's really getting me down and I don't know how I can stop it! xx
Your break looks lovely, I do love doing jigsaws but hardly ever do! I look forward to seeing your new creation, Wendy x
O that nasty spam!! I hate it. As I do word verifying...:(
Your break looks cosy and very colourful, enjoy! Looking forward to see those mittens...
Looks like you had a good week! Love the jigsaws. Abigail x
I'm very curious about the pink project. Looks very lovely already! Liefs Else X
It looks like you have a lovely half term holiday. I'm intrigued to know what it is you are crocheting as it looks very beautiful. Best wishes, Pj x
The first thing I ever learned to do was crochet. And I grew a hatred for it, but recently, I have fallen back in love with it. And your blog has a lot to do with that!
So pretty! I can't wait to see what you're making with those pretty crochet squares!! :) xo Holly
Just found your blog! whilst looking for alternatives to that word thingy, will watch to see what you think of this "disqus" thing! Nice blog too!
Bestest D
I would love to make a blanket with teeny tiny squares but I don't have the patience! Can you imagine how long that would take? It will be so beautiful when it is finished though!
Love it! I'm working on a little blanket with mini granny squares too. But it also incorporates the popcorn stitch which I think would be a hit with little curious hands.
Hi...I see that you have gotten disqus....sooo curious to find out how it works...have had thoughts on trying but not gotten to it yet...so please share if you like....I really would appreciate it...have a great day...