Stripy Mitts

Hurrah, the day has finally arrived!

The Stripy Mitts are now here and apparently no more imaginative name than that comes with them.  Still, it does what it says on the tin I suppose.  They are mitts and they are stripy, you simply can't dispute it.

I've rather excelled myself if I do say so.  I have the pattern ready and waiting for you to download and get stuck straight into.  But, in case you're not so confident with your crochet, or following written patterns easily then you might be interested to know that there's a tutorial as well.  I know, amazing!

But, before that joyous moment arrives I thought I would share a little bit about these mitts as they haven't had their moment of blog time up to now.

I kind of made them to go with my Riot scarf.  Why I took it into my head to make them with a totally different yarn and crochet them instead of knit them, I can't explain.  I did know I wanted them to be buttony though.  In my head, I had an image of a Victorian ladies boot, with buttons all up the side.  You know the ones that needed a special button hook to do all teeny buttons up with?

The best bit was playing with the buttons at the end though.  As you may imagine, it took me a little while to arrange and rearrange them into a pleasingly effortless random configuration.  While smiling at the irony of the amount of work it takes to achieve the 'effortless' effect.

I'm very happy with these little beauties and I've been wearing them a lot.  Even in the colder weather, I wear them over the top of a pair of normal gloves to jazz them up and that pleases me a great deal.

But, it'd be cruel to deny you any longer, so I won't dilly dally further.

I thought I'd give you a few options to choose from....

I want to download the written pattern (PDF file) right now 
(You can download it at any time from the Cherry Heart Boutique.)

Take me to the photo tutorial please
(The link can be found on the TUTORIALS page.)


S x


Awe, they are so pretty! I really like the style and colors. Kathy
These are lovely Sandra! And the tutorial looks very comprehensive! x
They are so very cute And you are so generous to share with us all :) thank you :)
They're so pretty! Thank you for another great tutorial; I'll log this one away until I'm a more proficient crocheter.

PS: Love my RIOT Scarf and wore it around Washington DC this past wknd. Lotsa comments and compliments. :) xo
Oh my word I am so exciting. It is finally here:) I so can't wait to start. My yarn just arrived today lol. I have one question for you. Where can i purchase the lovely buttons you use. I love all those cutesy things you use for your crocheting.
They are beautiful. Will certainly bookmark this to try later. Thank you.
So lovely. They will turn any cold day into a bright and happy one! Thanks for sharing the how-to ♥ Ana BC
thank you Sandra!!! they are really beautiful!!!
xxx Ale
These are beautiful Sandra!
They are so beautiful and the tutorial is fab! It must have taken you some time to do, thank your for your hard work, Wendy x
Ooh !! These are just so pretty !! I will be hopefully following your tutorial and making these of these days soon. Thanks for sharing !!
Oh NO! I need another crochet project like a hole in the head....but these leapt out at me from a teeny tiny picture on a sidebar. It's all I can do to not get started right this minute (I have a serious really)
Thanks for sharing the pattern - I'll share my results when I've made some!
fee x
(off to see what else I've missed here)
Hello Sandra, I really enjoy reading all your posts, therefore I've nominatd you for a Liebster Blog Award. I hope you don't mind. More details you can find on my blog. Liefs Else X
I found today your blog,I follow you!
Thanks Sonia! So glad you like it :D Congrats on your lovely stripe a day blanket btw, what an epic project!
Sandra x
Thanks Sonia! So glad you like it :D Congrats on your lovely stripe a day blanket btw, what an epic project!
Sandra x
These look amazing! As someone who hasnt had warm hands since about September, I'd love to be able to whip up a pair of these....may get my mother on the case :o)
These are too pretty not to share! Linking up at Tangled Happy tomorrow. Thanks for sharing this colorful design! :)
Hi Sandra just wanted to let you know that sarah made a post today about your stripy mitts. Check it out here
Wonderful and colorful. I like it. Thank you for sharing.
How beautiful, and the buttons are just fab!
All done now - and picture on Ravelry, Flickr and instagram (sharpc2)
Hello namesake. You have a lovely blog, I'll keep visiting. Glad to see you're on Ravelry too.

Thanks for the patterns and tutorials. love these mittens, I'll try them some day ;)