Mary Mary Quite Contrary...

I'm getting in a flap my Dear Readers.

I'm crafting away like a woman crazed and I find I have more finished projects than I have time to write about them.  I also have ideas whizzing and buzzing around my head, crashing into each other and spawning new ones.  I feel like a toy car, fully wound up and about to zoom headlong across the kitchen floor and smash into the oven.

Time to collect my thoughts, fasten those buzzing ideas down onto note paper and concentrate on one thing at a time I think, before my head does smack on that oven door.

So I'm here to tell you about an idea I had a little while ago, for a new pattern.

It's kind of inspired by Polar Hug, the shawl and mitts set I made earlier in the year.  I've enjoyed wearing them so much that I felt I could make good use of a second set and I wanted to try out some ideas of my own.

And this, I've really quite pleased and proud to say, is what I came up with.

What do you think?  Do you like it?

I'm planning on releasing this one into my Shop as a pattern to buy so I do hope that'll you'll think it's worthy.  I must confess I'm sitting here all of a twitter, like a nervous school child waiting for the exam results to be returned!

I'm so, so excited about it.  I'm really pleased with how it turned out and I had such a great time thinking it all out, putting it together and making it just right.  It feels like the best thought out and most grown up pattern I've ever written.  I'm about to get it tested to work out any last niggles and get some feed back, so I'm hoping to be able to release it in April sometime.

I've gone with a bit of a theme here.  The shawl/scarf/wrap, call it what you will, is the Quite Contrary Wrap and the wristies are Mary Mary Mitts.  The patterns I've used are inspired by the flowers in Mary's garden. Silver Bells, Cockle Shells and Pretty Maids all in a row...

Yes, well, I said I went with a theme!

I like it though, it's really brought the whole thing together for me and of course now that I finished with the counting, thinking, stopping to scratch the head a bit, frogging and re-starting phase, I can enjoy the parading around happily in cozy comfort stage.

Both fun in their own right, of course.  But the second one is eminently easier!

If I'm really lucky and have whetted your appetite for this pattern to be at all, send me a little message through Ravelry and I'll let you know when the pattern is released.
(Or you can send me an email if you're not on Ravelry.)

S x

UPDATE 7th April 2013:  The pattern has now been released.  Visit the SHOP or click here to find the all the pattern links.

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Gorgeous!! That wrap is so beautiful, what an amazing pattern!!
Maria x (Dinki Dots - not sure if that will come up)
I can't wait! I am having a fall wedding and I would love to crochet this up for myself and maybe my attendants!
Wow Sandra this is gorgeous work. I would love to make one for myself once I become a better crocheter like you. It is so elegant and I love it.
I love it Sandra! I'm looking at the stitches too just perfect. I have my eye on that wrap and I'd certainly be interested in that pattern. Keep well Amanda :-)
Fantastico trabajo¡
Stunning Sandra, truly stunning. You astound me with your talent x
It is gorgeous Sandra!! I love the pattern and would definitely like to give it a try once the pattern comes out! Yay!! Have a beautiful day! xo Heather
amazing, very special! it's like an heirloom from days gone by! Heather x
Oh Sandra, you really have outdone yourself on this - it's exquisite! Hope the pattern testing goes well and will be keeping an eye out for the pattern :) x
Beautiful, I would definately buy the pattern!
Utterly beautiful ! I adore the fringe especially.....very pretty
They are so beautiful together - it's such a pretty look.
The shawl and wristlets are beautiful. You're done a wonderful job creating them!
You know I love this my dear, it really looks wonderful and quite right you should be proud of your efforts (and fair enough you will charge for pattern - I'm sure loads of time has and will go into this) I wish I could concentrate on one thing at a time as well, sometimes I get annoyed with myself for swapping around too much! Looking forward to the pattern (hope it's not too hard for me) What yarn have you used???
oh those are gorgeous! A set would make a wonderful gift!
Wow! It's beautiful Sandra! Colour and stitches. It looks very complicated to me, but then I don't crochet. I'm sure it will sell really well :)
It's beautiful. And I really like that yarn color. Oh, and those little puff stitches in the wristies are cute!
Absolutely gorgeous - perfectly balanced and so feminine. Lacy and sturdy at the same time, which is a good thing. :) Good luck with the pattern release!
Absolutely stunning! It's so light and lacy, yet it looks warm and cuddly - really beautiful. Definitely on my to do list!!
Oh my Sandra this is gorgeous, so pretty and delicate and dreamy. I absolutely love this design, congratulations!!! :-) xxxx
OMG it's just gorgeous! What a lovely job you've done!
Wow...all i can say its just stunning! I am a huge fan of shawls!
Stunning and I can't wait for your pattern :)
I absolutely love both of them! I may have to break down and buy one or both of them! gorgeous!!
So pretty! You are very creative to come up with your pattern. I'm sure you will do well with it.
I love the vintage-like look they have! I'm looking forward to the pattern! Liefs Else X
These look so pretty and perfect for the spring weather me thinks! I look forward to the pattern. Chel x
It is beautiful honey I for one will be after a pattern x
You've done it again - it's absolutely dreamy! Clever girl. xx
Absolutely stunning! I may have to purchase this one.
This is a beauty, Sandra! It looks so elegant, and they look very cool with jeans too. Lovely!!!
This is gorgeous! Love this infinitely more than the Polar hug!

And if you ever find the time to write more posts, I'd love to have tips on how to make a reality what is in your head :D. I have tons of ideas, but that's all they ever amount to be: ideas. I can't seem to make them come real. Don't know where to start.
Absolutely gorgeous! WOW! I will be one of the first people to purchase this pattern, for sure!
Wonderful, I shall add you to my little list then :)

Sandra x
GORGEOUS!! I'll be watching on Ravelry!! LOVE IT!
Really beautiful...I 'll be buying !
Beautiful pattern, it's absolutely feminine and gorgeous! Wendy x
Absolutely love this - wow!!
Wow! It's gorgeous and the wristies too.