Clamshell Along Anyone?

At last, the day has dawned.  The pattern is here!

I hope you won't think it horrendously big-headed and smug of me to say that there's a few of you darling people out there who have been eagerly anticipating this moment.  The moment when I finally get around to posting about this new Clamshell Pattern.

But before I let you get at the tutorial, I have an invitation for you...

How about a Clamshell Along?

As some of you have been kind enough to say you'd be interested in having a go at this pattern and as I also want to make something else with this pattern to keep for my ownsome, as my blanket is to be gifted away, I thought maybe we could all join in together and share our progress along the way.

So  what do you think?

It's very easy to join in, all you need to do is:-

1.  Make something using my Clamshell Pattern

2.  Share your progress with us by...

♥ Joining the Cherry Heart's Cozy Corner Ravelry Group and visit the ClamShell Crochet ALong thread.


 ♥ Post a picture on Instagram and tag it #CSCAL


♥ Blog about it and add your link to you comment below.

Okay, well, I won't keep you from it any longer.  Here's the links you need...

Clamshell Blanket Pattern

And in case you want to track in down on Ravelry, the Ravelry Pattern Page.

I hope you enjoy it and I very much hope you'll join me in the CSCAL, I'd love to see what you do with it!

S x

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  1. What a beautiful pattern, thanks for sharing it. Somebody is going to get a very special gift. Will be interested to follow the progress of the cal on ravelry and will get round to joining in at some point. Sue

  2. So nice for you to post your tutorial. It is definitely on my to do list. Such a lovely pattern. Kathy

  3. Oh this is so gorgeous, I think I may have to make a blanket for my 6 month old and join the crochet along! :)

  4. Wow Sandra this pattern is gorgeous. I love how your projects tend to incorporate bold, bright colours they always cheers me up. I've just joined the ravelry group and would love to join in on the cal. Lornabecky x

  5. This is such a nice pattern, I'd love to make something with it but I've got a few too many big projects at the moment to make a blanket, do you have any ideas of something smallish I could make?

  6. To day I have linked to your blog. I have used your wonderful tutorial to make Rosie Posies. thank you for your good help. Lovely blog you have.

  7. I love the pattern but I'm still learning crochet. had to tell you how pretty it was though.

  8. I am new to crochet and to your blog but I am going to give this crochet along a try. I really like the pattern. thanks for sharing. When I get started I will blog about it.

  9. Oooh! I'm in. I'm in need of something to rekindle the mojo and I think this might be it!

  10. I would really like to print out the pattern, but it comes out so small it is hard to read. Any suggestions. I've tried copying to documents, but it still won't print only very small.could you email me the pattern of the clamshell? my email is : thank you

  11. Hi, I love this pattern and hope to make an afghan for my granddaughter. Do you have an approximate amount of yarn needed?