A Case for You?

Do you remember these little cuties?  I made one for me and then one for my Sis late last year.  

Well, when I raised the question of which tutorials you'd most like to see on my blog, or Votes for Patterns as I called it, this little Phone Case was pretty high on the list.

I know I haven't mentioned Votes for Patterns for a while now, but I've been working away behind the scenes and have had a little tutorial prepared for these cases for a little while now.

This is only my second sewing tutorial so I hope it's clear enough to follow.  As ever, let me know if you get stuck anywhere on this and I shall try to help if I can.  But be gentle, I'm still learning!

Patchwork Phone Case Tutorial
(This is for an iphone 5, but you could adapt for other sized phones.)

S x

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