Pretty Crafty Laundry

 Just a little blog-keeping before we begin...
Firstly another thank you is due to all you darling, wonderful people who have been so kind and supportive of my Blossoming Bag.  (And, a extra special thank you to anyone who has brought the pattern.  Thank you!)  I really do appreciate all of your kind words and for being remotely interested in any of my little makes.

Secondly, I know some of you have sent me some questions and queries lately and I want you to know that I shall be working away to get answers back to each of you as soon as I can.   In the meantime, if you are on Ravelry you can always raise any queries in Cherry Heart's Cozy Corner, my Ravelry Group.

Right, now that's all done, let's talk about cupboards!

Ok, so that doesn't sound thrilling, but I can sit here with a totally straight face and assure you that, strange as it may seem, I am completely delighted and excited about a cupboard.  It's true.

Let's go back in time a bit and I'll explain.  We're going to go way back to January of this year.  Actually, the origins of this idea were way before that, but life is short and time is precious so, for the purposes of this tale, let us begin in January.

In January I dismantled our downstairs shower and thus the 'Grand Kitchen Re-Jig' began.

There's two things you need to know for this story to make sense.  One is that, leading off from our kitchen we have a small area of utility space and off of that we have a little extra bathroom.  Very handy thing to have, but it also has a shower cubicle in it, which we don't really make any use of.  The other thing is that we don't have a dishwasher in our kitchen.  For a long time we didn't worry about that and thought we had no space for one.

Then after much plotting and planning, we figured away to free-up precious space for a dishwasher and make use of the wasted shower cubicle space.  Hurrah!  So the shuffling began.

First we got rid of a kitchen cupboard and put in a dishwasher...

Which was fine, but then we had an extra cupboard and all it's contents with no-where to go.

So, we moved the washing machine out of the utility area and put the cupboard in...

 Great, but where should the washing machine go?

Well, that's the genius part of this plan.  The shower cubicle had to go and in it's place a cupboard was built.  Not any old cupboard, but a pretty and crafty, laundry cupboard...

This is why I'm excited.  Not only do I have a new home for my washing machine, but also space to put all my washing bits and bobs.  The homeless ironing board has now found comfortable accommodation.  I have cute little baskets to hold towels and whatnots so neatly.  And as if all this was not enough, we also found room to cram in a tumble dryer too.  Such luxury, such privilege!   I now have all mod-con's at my finger tips.  Come and peek inside with me...

 'How lovely for you I'm sure.' I hear you say, 'but what of this 'pretty' and 'crafty' that you spoke of?'

Well, it was just after the building of this cupboard started that I started reading a blog called 'i heart organizing',   which seemed appropriate, because I do heart it.  I have been very inspired by this blog.  It has lots of fabulous tips for organising pretty every aspect of your home that you can think of and of course, it's all done so beautifully.

The style is generally a little more contemporary than my own, but the point is, why can't it be functional and beautiful at the same time?  This, exactly sums up my thoughts on the subject and is much of what my PCH project last year was all about.

So after soaking up post after post of beautiful organisation from this site, I wanted my cupboard to have a little something more about it than a regular, normal and dull old cupboard.  So I came up with an idea.

To see that, we have to peak a little closer.  Come and peer inside the door and you'll see the bit that makes the mundane job of laundry a task to make me smile...

I patchwork papered it!

Do you love it?  I do.  It makes me so happy I just smile every time I open the door.

I got this lovely collection of wallpapers from Jane at Teawagon Tales.  She sells them in her Etsy Shop, Little Teawagon.  I brought a pack of 20 pieces and the fun I've have with those pieces you wouldn't believe.  Fitting them together, chopping them up, sticking them in.  The best part of the whole project for sure.  There's a couple that take me straight back to my childhood home.

I was so thrilled with them in fact, that I couldn't stop at one cupboard.  I had to do more.  So my upstairs bathroom benefitted too.  I gave the bathroom cabinet a mini make-over too.  I made sure I saved some of my very favourite papers to go in here and luckily there was just enough to do both.

I took the opportunity of having a big clear out of bathroom clutter while I was at it and I've very pleased with the pristine, sleek results.  Although, if I can keep it that way will be another matter.  I am hoping very much, that the old 'a place for everything' theory will work some magic for me.  I can but try.

S x

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Looks Brill Sandra... Jealous LOL!! I was though recalling my childhood. I don't know about you but when I was young in the 70's any left over wallper did seem to end up decorating the inside of things, such as cupboard doors and shelves and draws in the kitchen.. So yes the wallpapering a little nostalgia from me too xx
I love the laundry cupboard! I wish I could stack my washer and dryer, it would make my laundry room so much roomier and I could get a little table in there for folding, which I'd really like to have. The wallpapers look lovely too.
What a brilliant spot of shuffling! And I'm envious, I want a patchwork papered laundry cupboard too.
Oh wow, I love your patchwork cupboard. I had cupboard envy till I realised I too had a cupboard that could be transformed. We are having a new kitchen, but first we had to get a new boiler, which meant the water tank in the airing cupboard got taken out. I painted it and we put more shelves shelves in it, but it looked sad. So now I know how to make it cheery. :)
Thank you
Sally x
My goodness what a difference a new laundry cupboard can make! Love the organisation, absolutely adore the patchwork papers! I blogged about a similar patchwork paper project recently - I attacked a plain brown bookshelf. Addictive, isn't it? So pretty... Chrissie x
The Laundry Cupboard is a brilliant idea. Well done.
Hi Sandra, really really loooove your patchwork wall!!! And a really nice laundry cupboard as well!!! I like that it's all out of sight!!!!! Have a wonderful weekend!!!
I can imagine your happiness; it's lovely. And it brings me to an idea for a make-over of our dull cupboards.
Have a nice weekend.
looks fantastic and a great use of space, i totally love i heart organizing blog too, i'm addicted to it lol x enjoy your weekend x
Wow! It looks wonderful! Love it!
Ohhhh I just love the changes you've made! Your laundry room is adorable. I miss having laundry on the first floor. The last apartment I was in had laundry off of the kitchen and I loved it!! I painted it pink, because I had an old vintage pink kitchen. That's the only thing I miss from that apartment LOL. If I could remodel our house and move the laundry upstairs, I would =P
You are right, why can't things be functional and pretty too? Your cupboard looks gorgeous and I can imagine it makes you happy every time you see it. I now want to prettify all my cupboards too! x
I love the wallpaper!! So pretty! The perfect touch of color to brighten the cupboards and wall up! Hope you are having a lovely start to the week! xo Heather
What was that word again? ... ... Oh right, ADORABUBBLE! LOL! (That word has become part of my family's vernacular, thanks to you. My kids love saying it even more than I do. :)

Super awesome makeovers. But of course the patchwork wallpaper is my favourite. xo k
LOVE IT! Absolutely get the cupboard pleasure, and the patchwork wallpaper too! Genius!! Jen
Oh I love the changes you have made and your laundry cupboard. Love your idea of decorating with such pretty papers too, just lovely. xx