I have a new obsession....

Obviously, I'm not exactly the first to the party, but then I rarely am.  This time I was inspired to join the 'doily party' when I saw Maaike's work here, here and here.  Isn't it just gorgeous?

I don't know if you're familiar with Maaike's blog, CreJJion?  It's one of my favourites and I urge you to check it out if you've not heard of it.  This lady has style!

You'll no doubt see just how inspired by her work I've been.  I've even used one of the same doily patterns...  but to imitate is to sincerely flatter, so they say and I very much hope that my muse will indeed be flattered and not appalled.

I really need to think about weaving in some ends before long and of course, they'll need a nice stretch and spray to show them in all their glory, but that's for another post.

In the meantime, just in case you fancy joining me at the party, you might be interested to know...

 I'm using DMC Petra No. 5 Crochet Cotton, which I found here and here

  You can see the colours I'm using on my stash pages here and here

  You can see the patterns I've used on my Ravelry Project page here

  You can find a whole load more free doily patterns on Ravelry here

And last but not least...

 Come and share the doily love with me: Cherry Heart's Cozy Corner

But now I have to get back to my hook because I just can't stop making these little beauties!

In other news:

Thing 1:  I'm off on another jolly jaunt next week so I won't be around to reply to comments or answer questions... I'll get back on to it when I get home again.

Thing 2:  Thank you, lovely, wonderful, kind and generous people for your lovely reception to my Dancing Flowers Shawl.  A pattern is in the works at the moment and I'm hoping to release it soon after I get back from 'Thing 1'.  Early September is my plan, fingers crossed!

S x

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  1. beautiful!
    I'm not yet of the party, but I know that soon it will be different!!!
    xxxx ale

  2. oh my goodness, would I be flattered you ask, no of course not, I am deeply honoured! What a gorgeous post and pretty doilies, the colour combinations you picked are truly beautiful, thank you very much for mentioning me! Isn't that flower chain pattern a joy to make? Of course there are quite some ends to weave in thanks to the individual flowers, but therefore colour variations are endless... You have inspired me in return, I should definitely go and get some of that fine yarn too, the colours are so pretty. The Catania fine yarn I use only comes in 18 colours, that's not enough haha. Enjoy and have a lovely Sunday xo

  3. oh I so know what you mean. I love her work too. But then I have copied you as well so I hope you see it as flattery and not a great big rip off! Enjoy 'Thing 1' and take care, Sam x

  4. I still maintain everything you touch turns to gold Sandra! Yet again you have produced something exquisite here. I too follow creJJion, and can see why you would be inspired. Enjoy your break x

  5. Simply exquisite doilies, so fresh and frothy at the same time! I love the delicate colours you've added too... it's getting me in a doily mood, but I do hate very small crochet hooks... maybe I can try something really small!

  6. What a delightful doily post. I so only wish we could all sit together in rocking chairs on someones veranda making these beauties with ice tea within reach and tales being told between giggles and laughter. Like real grannies. I would love to be just like that one day.

  7. How delicate and beautiful - I love the colours! Now you've got me wanting to do another project! I'm just finishing my Blossom Bag, so perhaps I can fit a small crochet hook and doily thread inside...have a lovely break! Chrissie x

  8. Thank you for sharinf this blog and doily patterns on Ravelry.
    This year I am somewhat obsessed with dolilies and have already crocheted 9. ;-)

  9. I'm a big fan of Maaike's work too. I also love doilies and I've got loads of patterns to try. Thing is I find it a bit hard going on the hands and eyes, but I shall persevere.

    I may even join your little corner on Ravelry and become inspired again.

    Have a great break Sandra x

  10. I love doilies - I have a big pile of them waiting to be used for something one day, but can't seem to stop making more and more! Yours are beautiful - I love the use of more than one colour in a single doily. Weaving in the ends is easiest to do with a crochet hook rather than a needle, I find.

  11. You are a better crocheter than I am... I have never been able to deal with thread that fine... guess I'll be over here to oooh and ahhhh over yours instead :D
    Beautiful work...

  12. Your doilies are so beautiful, they look very delicate and the colours are gorgeous. xx

  13. Look at all those gorgeous doilies, you've been very busy! And I didn't know about the creJJtion blog, I am very happy you shared this because it looks absolutely lovely. Have a fun trip next week!! :-) xxxx

  14. They are gorgeous!!! Such pretty colors and they are all so delicate! I have a few vintage doily pattern books that I can't wait to try. Wishing you a lovely and crafty week! xo Heather

  15. I have linked to your blog to day. Thanks for wonderful tutorial for my babyblanket.

  16. Everything you touch turns to gold, Sandra. Those are so pretty and I'm so glad you're carryiing on the tradition. So often I see those sweet little doilies languishing in charity shops and think about the work and try to picture the person who made them. I try to rescue as many as I can! Have a great week. x

  17. Lovely doilies and wonderful colours you've chosen!


  18. Hi Sandra,I have a lot of doilies that my Mom made before she got Parkinson's disease!!!I know exactly what intricate work it is!!!Love them but don't like to make them myself!!!Well done!!!They are really lovely!!!Have a great day!!!

  19. Maaike, both you and Sandra are amazing!

  20. They're so delicately pretty, almost cobwebby. I particularly love the colours of the doily in the second picture.

    My grandmother used to get wild about a neighbour of hers who used to ask where her clothes were from and then step out wearing an identical outfit, head to toe. That's when imitation stops being flattering and starts becoming creepy!!! Being inspired by somebody is a different matter entirely (she says, filled with a sudden desire to fill her house with crocheted doilies ...!)

    Hope you've had a super jaunt.


  21. Gorgeous ... if I were only capable of it I'd love to be able to join your party!

  22. I don't know that blog, I'll have a look. These doillies are so delicate and pretty. What will you do with them when they are finished? I've never tried any crochet as fine as that. Enjoy your time away. xx

  23. Your doilies are far more beautiful than the ones you were inspired by!