Just Because

The best things to make are the things you make purely for the sake of it, don't you think?

Way back in June, one day when I was feeling a little under the weather and feeling much more like curling up in bed and hiding rather than doing things I should be doing, I decided on a whim to make some of these lovely Maybelle Flowers.  Have you heard of them or seen them around blogland?

I first saw these lovely flowers on My Rose Valley, the blog of the lovely and creative Annette.  I'm sure it's one you already read as it is an utter delight of colour, yarn, family life all set in beautiful Switzerland.  But just on the off chance you haven't come across it yet, I urge you to go and check it out.  It'll be worth your while I know.  The pattern for the flower can be found via My Rose Valley and the original pattern is also here: 6ichthusfish.

Very satisfying it was too, to lay there and whip up a few flowers in some favourite colours.  An excellent antidote to my malaise and it perked me up no end.  Clever Annette also came up with a tutorial to turn these flowers into very cute little squares, which seemed like a good idea, so I did that too.  I didn't have much of an idea of what to do with the squares, but why let details like that stop you when you're having fun I say.

A week or so later I happened across these pretty little squares and decided they would make a lovely little mini bunting.  Not that I knew where the mini bunting would go of course.  I had the vague idea of putting it in my craft room... somewhere...maybe?  Again, not dwelling on the details, I strung them together into bunting on some car journey or another and this little 'just because' project was complete.

They didn't end up in the craft room, as you can see.  There wasn't a lot of space left and it was my sister who came to the rescue in the end.

'Nothing up on your mantlepiece?  It's been ages since I've seen it bare...'

Of course, a little decoration for the fireplace, the perfect spot.  Why didn't I think of that?

S x

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  1. Your Maybelle bunting is so sweet! We must have had a matching case of "finish-itis" because I just finished my Maybelle blanket yesterday. Pics here if you are curious: https://kidsbyhand.wordpress.com/2013/08/12/a-finished-object/

  2. A wonderful pattern. I love this bunting.


  3. I love these - on my project list is to make them in to a blanket - similar to your vintage blanket!

  4. Beautiful! Your gorgeous bunting looks just right on your fireplace. xx

  5. Sandra, your bunting is so summery and bright. You've given me an idea for an autumn decoration around my fireplace - seeing as this will soon be in use again! Just gorgeous. xx

  6. A loooooooooovely, looooooovely bunting, Sandra!!!
    So cute....

  7. Absolutely gorgeous, the pattern and the bunting. You know, I made a few squares recently in nice yarn to try out some new patterns and then didn't know what to do with the odd squares once I'd blocked them. Coasters, maybe? No! Sandra, you've inspired me - they will become bunting! x

  8. I have made several of those flowers and had a lovely time with them. I swapped out the centers with different colored yarn, it was fun. Love your bunting, it is just perfect in that space.

  9. This is very pretty! Of course, now I want to make some of my own!

  10. So beautiful and love all the colors!! I will have to give these pretties a try!! Thanks for always inspiring me!! Have a lovely and crafty week! xo Heather

  11. What a pretty way to celebrate summertime! I always have some bunting hanging around - the kitchen wall looked so bare when I took down the Christmas bunting that I had some 'everyday' bunting made to hang there! Your fireplace is gorgeous, BTW... ;-) Chrissie x

  12. And here I thought (from the small photo) that it is bunting for the washing machine... :-D
    Well, why not?

    Pretty festive :-)

  13. I love your Maybelle Bunting! A week ago I started with my Maybelle flower squares. They are very lovely to make. I translated The Maybelle flower pattern in to Dutch: http://crochetbyjolien.blogspot.nl/
    X, Jolien

  14. What??? You don't already have bunting strung across your fireplace?

    (I have to admit, I too thought it was a washing machine at first and became a little concerned that you might just be losing the plot!) ;-)

    Those Maybelle flowers are too pretty and look glorious as bunting.

    Heather xx

    PS. Really, really touched by your comment on my last IG post. xxx

  15. Ha ha, not even I have bunting on my washing machine.. yet!

    Sandra x

  16. So pretty - I've been making these too over the summer! It's one of those things you think I've got to have a go at that but then, not sure where I'll put them either! May pinch your idea of bunting across the fireplace!! Thanks for sharing! J9 x

  17. So pretty :) I actually taught myself to crochet trebles into a magic/decreasing loop yesterday ... you'd be proud of me.

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  19. Such a pretty Maybelle bunting, perfect on your mantlepiece! :-) xxxx

  20. So very cute and sweet! :) Wishing you a lovely day! xo Holly

  21. Dear Sandra. How sweet. This is "genial" as we say here in French. So dead simple and gorgeous. It fits perfect there on your mantlepiece. Thanks for linking and thanks for all your sweet words. I am blushing. xxx Annette, My Rose Valley