Colour Collaborative: September

 Source: Richard Webb


Doesn't that picture just say September to you?

Well, I guess it depends where in the world you are I suppose.  But living where I do, this picture of a ploughed field leaving the rich chocolatey brown of the earth exposed makes me think of Autumn like nothing else.  So that is why today's Colour Collaborative topic of Earth is so appropriate for this month.

At first I thought I wouldn't have a lot to say on the subject of Earth and colour.  You say Earth to me and my first thought is brown.  Initially, it didn't seem that promising to a someone who generally prefers a brighter and more colourful palette.  I'm glad to say though, it didn't take me too long to realise that Earthy colours could be a gorgeous and varied a palette to work with and it turns out to be one that I'm very much falling in love with lately.

In fact if you take a moment to examine Earth, as in the soil of the land itself, a surprisingly wide range of colours can be found. Everything from black peaty tones, rich brown loam, crumbly sandy orange, the bright white of chalk and, if you live in the right places of the world, every shade in between.

Who would have thought such a literal interpretation would have brought so much colour?

Of course, then there are the more 'earthy tones' which opens things up even more.  Any colour can have that slightly muddy quality which makes it seem a little earthy.  The burgundy shades of red, the mustard side of yellow, bramble jelly flavour purples, greyish petrol blues and murky olive greens all fit the bill.

I used a more earthy palette when making my Nan's phone case recently and I really love the way they can be included to give a little depth and richness to other colours.  I like the way the beige works to bring everything together on my Sampler Blanket, the brown fabrics that make my Prairie Quilt look slightly more authentic and the rusts, reds and caramels that bring a vintage feel to my Giant Granny Patches.

Yes, it turns out I have a great love of earth colours after all.

Source: Jayme Antonio

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What is The Colour Collaborative? 
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S x

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  1. Brilliant post, truly. And I love that in our own ways we have each written about brown's undeserved bad press:)

  2. Thanks for putting so much work into such a brilliant post - I have really enjoyed it. Lily. xx

  3. I love earthy colours and they do get a bad press but you have shown them in a completely different light! Lovely post!
    V x

  4. Oh it does - beautiful, brown and earthy.

    I love your colour palettes - so wonderfully coordinated.

    Nina x

  5. Oh, what a post to feast my eyes on! You are so good at the visuals - I love the way you demonstrated the colour and variety of earth tones. So much more than brown - not that there's anything wrong with brown, like you said it's such a good anchor colour to show others against. Lovely. x

  6. What a fantastic post! Thank you :-) The pictures and colour swatches are wonderful and are filling me with inspiration.


  7. Oh I could gaze at your images and colour palettes all day. Especially the second one. They're echoing warming earth-toned quilts for me. *sigh*

  8. Hallo, wat een prachtige kleurencombinaties.

  9. Oh I do love this colour palette and the ways you sampled it here in this post. Most of all I love your first picture I could have sworn you live here it looks so very of home to me here on the Canadian Prairies. I love a nicely ploughed field and the haze in the air that comes with harvest time. Do you live in a farming community or just near one?

    - J

  10. Hi Sandra,
    These pictures have been very useful. I am a novice at crochet and I am in the midst of collecting wool in autumn colours to make an afghan. I am in the process of making my first cushion cover in colours that remind me of pebbles. But I now have another load of ideas buzzing round my head now I've seen your blog.

  11. I love the way you've extracted a palette from those photos.

    Earthy colours always seem to me to be just a little bit more subtle and sophisticated than paintbox brights.

  12. Totally cool! Such a great idea to help us all look at colors in new ways or perhaps new colors added to our palette! Thanks bunches for sharing this with us! I for one always need some help with the color department :D